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  1. Thank you I appreciate the heads up. I am following this. I hope it goes well.
  2. Did you ever shoot it? Curious how it went. thank you
  3. https://www.sigsauer.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=P365+slide+
  4. It is a crapshoot that “negotiate” loss of freedom, it is a mini NRA. Far better off with GOA.
  5. ISRA Is a complete bull**** organization they can go **** themselves
  6. hey! you can use the for sale section on this site but I believe its invisible until you make either 10 or 25 posts but I cannot remember on the number for sure.
  7. Natchez. Regarding ammo locally for good money we are still not there yer
  8. A genuine old style p210 can bring upto $4k depending on the condition. For reference I paid $1150 for a new one with 13 magazines and about $500 in spare parts.
  9. It has to be something to do with this as these issues started similar time. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/news/criminal-justice/ct-chicago-merrick-garland-visit-20210722-3owcmury7bgerceolz6bmw7aya-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  10. And I’m a few days behind you, well guess it’s gonna be a while.
  11. Thank you Buddy! I’ll order one since it is used and comes with 13 magazines but I feel that’s a bad omen I was going to give one away but I’ll buy another instead
  12. Guess I ain’t getting my p210 any time soon then
  13. I appreciate you keeping us up to date Ernie! Valuable insight
  14. I don't know how you would reload a primer. One would think if you could do that there wouldn't be a shortage, right?.Is that a serious question? Of course you don’t reload primers. But you can reload ammunition and damage the primers in the process. Actually you can recharge primers…..
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