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  1. I’m not going to see that in northern Illinois
  2. After some advice……. We are making offers in WI so I am almost certain we will be leaving. - in normal times I would sell off my ammo and purchase again once moved but is this stupidity n current times? -how did you show your house with guns in the house? I have multiple safes and to say I am paranoid is an understatement. any advice people have I appreciate!
  3. Rilo

    Gun prices

    LOL!! I am just watching prices plummet, the 92X performance I paid $1400 for 3 months ago is now $1100. This is the case across many.
  4. Rilo

    Gun prices

    Anyone else noticing plummeting prices on firearms? I guess with inflation it will continue but it’s surprising how much they are dropping.
  5. Compared to the p365 Glock will never be relevant again
  6. Its well noted by many and its in the bluebook as a devaluation. Not going to say someone is an idiot I was merely asking a question before I do something I regret on value.
  7. Hi all, if I wanted to polish some of my stainless guns to a high finish almost nickel how much does this truly hurt the value? I was reading online you completely remove the value and collectibility?
  8. When I’m getting charged 3x the cost at small FFL I will not support them, it goes both ways.
  9. Rilo

    Sig Sauer P322

    https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/sig-sauer-p322-semi-auto-pistol-with-manual-safety back in stock for ship to store
  10. Rilo

    Sig Sauer P322

    in stock for ship to store at basspro https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/sig-sauer-p322-semi-auto-pistol-with-manual-safety?searchTerm=p322
  11. Rilo

    cz slide stop breakage

    believe it or not none of them have any slide stops in. I got two "glossy ones" for the CZC from you and 2 for the shadow but none available for the TS.
  12. Rilo

    cz slide stop breakage

    Ok! Thank you for the replies everyone I will get some ordered. I appreciate it.
  13. Does anyone know how long those last? I was looking at a couple of used ones (one discontinued) and some people say I need a slide stop for every 1000 rounds? if this really true? does it also apply to the shadow? I run these and the TSO a lot, is it something you all stock? https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/280431-cz75-broken-slide-stop/
  14. Gotta be honest, I like Meijer to much to not shop there. Concealed means concealed
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