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  1. Good luck Lou for you and your family, it is a shame to lose another good person. enjoy your new home
  2. Seemingly they are going after what I stated. 259. Upon information and belief, despite knowing that the Shooter resided in a municipality that prohibited the possession of assault weapons, Red Dot Arms transferred the M&P rifle to the Shooter, thereby knowingly aiding and abetting the violation of the ordinances.
  3. https://www.rblaw.net/assets/htmldocuments/Roberts - Stamped Complaint.pdf
  4. It’s filed buddy https://abc7chicago.com/highland-park-parade-shooting-lawsuit-smith-and-wesson/12276050/
  5. That’s not what I said! Transferring the weapon and knowing it is going to a HP resident would be aiding and makes them liable. Do most ffls do it? Sure but there is always this risk. Same as many transfer melting point guns. Let’s see where is goes
  6. They knowingly transferred the firearm to him, in a location with likely one of the most famous bans. Let’s see where they lead this but a small FFL the is incorporated and not a LLC fighting against Bloomberg, good luck!
  7. Missing the point, violation of highland park ordinance is a misdemeanor. RDA just had to help facilitate a crime to which they did. Very unlikely this will be ignored given the trial will be in lake county.
  8. We will not agree on this but what they did was at the very least stupid, they are nailed on law of accountability and possibly aiding and abetting. Unless they can prove otherwise they sold a firearm which under most presumptions would be stored in highland park, without evidence to the contrary it will be difficult to avoid this for RDA.
  9. Going to be hard pressed on that one, everyone knows they are banned there since 2013. Ignorance does not circumvent responsibility and we all know this was woeful stupidity. They even run training classes on CCL which also speaks to this, best of luck to them. we all know they will be asked where the accused planned to store the weapon.
  10. Apparently it’s everytown law with Weiss so there is going to be some deep pockets.
  11. Red dot arms is going to be put out of business on this, they are not an LLC neither. Unlikely insurance will cover this since they technically broke the law.
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