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  1. Give me one good reason why the pro-carry lobby would allow an onerous and oppressive bill to pass? People seem to be forgetting that this time around, they need OUR votes, we don't need THEIRS. We can sit around and obstruct and not do anything. Then we get constitutional carry in 180 days. If they want to prevent that, it is THEY who have to come ready to play ball and make concessions. We have no reason to negotiate. We were always the reasonable ones, the carrot didn't work, a bigger stick did. However, the court clearly left this in the hands of the legislators, so we still need votes to pass a good bill, the first time, and not have to end up back in litigation. Don't get me wrong, there was fair warning and now one heck of a big 'I told you so' is due, but we must reman reasonable and level headed moving forward.
  2. So they're watching for the hand that's going to smack them down...sigh. It would be more appropriate for our 'leaders' to work towards a resolution to the problem, especially since the handwriting is on the wall. I just hope those opposed to bringing carry to Illinois realize if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.
  3. When I read through the decision, I thought they used 'almost strict scrutiny' as the ban on ranges is close to the core of the right.
  4. The 7th Circuit released their decision in Ezell today. Another loss for Chicago...whodathunkit? http://www.ca7.uscourts.gov/tmp/9C0NWF4M.pdf
  5. I'm still reading, but it has some very interesting points being made regarding "bearing" arms outside of the home (starting on page 37). The argument against the shooting range ban is rather good as well. http://www.hoffmang.com/firearms/Ezell/Ezell-Appellants-Opening-Brief-2010-12-07.pdf Some good excepts - And the bell ringer A final 'zinger' in regards to carry? I really like this next quote, because I see it as being a clear response to the argument against RTC here in Illinois. In the end it does not matter what Madigan (either one), Cullerton, Quinn, or anybody else in an elected position in Illinois opines. Bearing arms for the fundamental right of self defense is a constitutionally protected right. To everybody involved - FANTASTIC JOB. You are laying the groundwork. Thank you.
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