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  1. Agreed because I don’t think it changes a whole bunch unless you purchase at a big box. Anything you buy at a LGS over a certain amount is almost certainly a gun. You can always pay cash. The benefit to using a credit card is the points you might earn. For a big box store you can buy gift cards and still get the points. But yeah it’s another of a thousand cuts if you want to maintain privacy of credit card purchases at cabelas, Walmart, rk, etc without the hoop of gift cards.
  2. Fuddly

    Gun prices

    I have been looking at M&P prices, and many models now can be purchased as optics ready. The ones without the precut slide have gone way down.
  3. The teen was hit in the wrist. Could be a ton of money if there’s a loss of function. Which would be well justified.
  4. WBBM radio 780 interviewed Sullivan this morning. I’m guessing it’s available online also.
  5. I was listening to an analysis of the arguments and the jist here was that a crowded city, because of higher crime, has a greater need for allowing citizens to arm themselves for protection.
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