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  1. Since we are getting technical, once your purchase crosses state lines, it's part of interstate commerce. That gives it federal jurisdiction not state. The ATF requires that any licensed seller has to make sure you are not violating any local, county, or state laws. That falls into a heavily GREY area, some sellers will go buy firearms and ammo only which is federally regulated while other sellers will go by state laws, or county laws, or municipal laws. It all depends on the seller's company policy but by the bare minimum, they must follow firearm and ammo laws. For example, AR15s are banned in Chicago and Cook County, that's why many sellers won't ship. Me on the other hand, I am fully aware of home-rule authority and CCL covering AR pistols so I will ship into Chicago and Cook County. Also, interstate commerce supersedes home-rule tax laws that's why I don't have to charge Joe Smith in Idaho the $25 Cook County Tax even though he bought it on my website that is licensed in Cook County. It's all f'ed up...
  2. If you live in a home-rule community then you will revert to their laws, not Cook County.
  3. If the ATF believes you are going to get a FFL to make $$$, you got it. Before I submitted my FFL, I contacted the business licensing woman and asked if they would issue me a home occupation business license for selling firearms. With a few rumbles, she said yes. They required the ATF issue the license 1st, where ATF's policy is the opposite. Don't be discouraged, my ATF IOI guy said this happens all the time and he issued me the FFL 1st. I took it to my village and in 1 week, I got the signatures from: fire chief, police chief, business manager, and my business licensing woman. Now the 07, I tried this year to get my 07/02 and the business licensing woman and business manager were on board. The police chief joined the crowd and it turns out that Oak Lawn has an ordinance that only allows FFL 01 & 03s within village limits. Crash and burn. Read Bartlett's ordinance and make sure they don't have the same provision as Oak Lawn. There is a good possibility that your town might only allow a FFL 01. Don't waste your time with getting an SOT 03, IL law prohibits FFL 01 dealers from selling NFA items.
  4. There is no limit on how many guns you can buy in one year in the State of IL. During Christmas, I did a transfer for one of my best customers, I transferred 14 guns on 1 4473 form. There is no limit on how many guns you can buy in 1 4473 transaction form. In the past, we put additional firearms on a blank sheet of paper, 100% federally legal. When they changed the 4473 forms in November of 2020, the ATF created a "continuation form" to add additional firearms outside of the original 4473 form.
  5. Except 1 guy, don't know what his issue is but he is a repeat customer and said he doesn't have a MMC.
  6. It looks like their system is working, now they are playing catch-up. I got 3 instant Approvals on Saturday, 1 on Monday, and everyone who was Pending cleared Monday morning.
  7. Just got one that cleared @ 8:18am 2day. I think everyone's bcg is going to start clearing all day 2day.
  8. I have thrown my Mossberg 930 and/or my Benelli Supernova in my trunk with the side saddle fully loaded. Technically, since there's nothing in the mag tube, I'm within the law. We'll see how that goes when I eventually get pulled over.
  9. When I run backgrounds, I flip my laptop and show each customer the software that FFL Dealers use to run bcg checks. I always tell them, "if there's a problem, it will ALWAYS be w/the ISP." I show them the screen and ask them if everything is correct and then run the bcg. So, I am sure many of you guys are calling the dealer and asking did you clear or what's going on. I always check and send a screenshot to show the customer what I see (like I did above). Ultimately, and again, everyone's issue is with the IL State Police.
  10. I am still waiting on a few from the 11th.
  11. If all else fails, there is a guy who goes to the Crown Point Gun Show and he makes holsters while you wait. Everybody seems to be very happy with his skills, when I see him at the next gun show, I am going to have him make a custom owb holster for my Beretta 81BB.
  12. Ok. Yes, it's published and they notify us on the day it's going to be ran. That does not mean that that's the only time that the system needs to be checked. Now, if you've been a dealer for 10 or 15yrs, fine, but I find it interesting that many times people in this group and others revert to federal law or established practices over someone who actually, "is doing, what was being asked." It would be great if everyone/everything stuck to the "actual law and established practices," but it doesn't always happen like that. The info I put above is a mixture of ATF input as well as ISP input. Unless you know someone that is part of the upper echelon of FTIP, then I apologize. You know that sometimes we run backgrounds that show it 'went through' on our end but after 4-7 days ISP never received it. We can give them the ISP # that corresponds to the bcg and they still can't pull it. It is known as a background that ended up in, "the blackhole." It happened on a new customer who usually gets instant Approvals. Telling you how it actually works vs how it's supposed to work.
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