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  1. Sticking strictly with the OPs question, you would devalue most historical firearms if you did anything to them besides repair them. The repair parts would have to be original or recognized amongst the 2A community as original spec replacement parts and having the factory broken parts is a plus. As far as modern firearms, embellishment is a positive for many potential customers...
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    It took mine 1 month, it would have been shorter but I did not fill out the RP. I figured why would you need a RP if it's a C&R License. The licensing branch emailed me, I filled one out, scanned, and emailed it in 20 minutes. They added it to my 01 & SOT file. It took 2 more weeks from that point to receive it.
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    In the NFA groups and the SOT Dealers said you can call ATF and convert it back to Title I firearm. For example an AR15 SBR, just buy a 16in upper and sell the old upper. You'll be out the $200 tax stamp.
  4. I am in Oak Lawn and my state senator & state rep have a huge majority of their district in the southeast side of Chicago, one of them going all the way out to Indian Head Park. If every single person in the suburbs voted Republican, each incumbent would still win by sizeable margins. With Oak Lawn being a 60-40 community voting Democratic, completely my opinion, that would seal the deal for each incumbent...
  5. As a home-based FFL 01/Class III Dealer, I have a part-time employee who puts in around 10hrs month. Her full-time job is @ Bass Pro, I am not worried about competing w/their firearm prices, I do very well when I sell at the gun shows and still pretty good when I sell in Cook County. It's their ammo prices that are tough to compete with and online firearm sellers in general. I am glad you still support local LGS, WE appreciate it...
  6. Since the Virus, small FFLs have competed and been cheaper than most online sellers all the way until recently. The issue is noone wanted to buy any 9mm ammo above $9/box for the past 2yrs. Now, if you're the guy who shoots alot and buys 2k-5k a summer to shoot steel matches, IDPA, USPSA, 3Gun, I get it. After 3yrs of business, many shooters buy ammo to shoot 300-400rds a year, 8 boxes. In 2019 at the gun shows, I was selling 9mm for $10/box. Guys would say I can get them for $9/box online, ok. You support small business but 3 more boxes of 9mm would last you the remaining of the year but I am "robbing you" because I charge $1 more. Or the guys who say I get them for $8/box if I buy 1K, yeah but didn't say shipping cost you $20. Right now, I am selling 9mm PMC for $18.14/box @ Will County Gun Show, with tax $20. Or $365 case, taxes included, pretty fair. I look at the same websites you guys are looking at and with taxes, shipping, whatever, factory 9mm is going between $350-$380. Many people say they support small business but I lost a sale for $4.11 3yrs ago and this past Thursday lost a sale because I was $5 too high vs RK Guns for a firearm I had in-stock and the customer stated she was within "walking distance." And that was paying the Cook County $25 tax. Sometimes you just have to say, whatever...
  7. Could someone explain how the state forced the maw & pop businesses out of carrying ammo?
  8. That is exactly what they told the Dealers this past Thursday in Naperville. ATF is on a mandate to shut down "Bad" dealers and a few IL Dealers said the ISP inspections recently, are getting more aggressive. Under this improved "Safe Storage Regulation," a dealer can have his license revoked for not a "safe storage device/case" for every firearm in his inventory.
  9. I did not know this as well, the IL State Police explained this to all the dealers this past Thursday, in Naperville, at the ATF/ISP Meeting. Since we are only allowed to sell long guns to residents of states that touch IL, that rule applies to ammunition also. The ISP also said that selling firearms and accessories that are legal to sell at the location that you conduct business, is also legal to sell to customers regardless of where they live. FFL Dealers are not required to enforce local ordinances, it is the job of the customer to know the laws of where they reside. So if any FFL Dealer refuses to sell you any firearms or accessories because you live in a restricted location, ie Chicago, that is there company policy not ISPs. ATF remained silent on that issue but their rules are similar, FFL Dealers must abide by the local, county, and state ordinances of where they conduct business, not the ordinances of the customer they sell to.
  10. IL FFL Dealers are not allowed to sell handgun ammunition to any person who does not reside in the state or have a FOID Card on a face to face transaction. IL Dealers are allowed to ship ammunition out of state as long as we follow all applicable laws. ISP is well aware of PCCs.
  11. I will say you are correct but other Big Box FFL's are on the same page. Rock River, Springfield, and Cabela's made a play on the 1st Gun Licensing Bill that was introduced...
  12. From yesterday's ATF/ISP Meeting: 1. No need to run a FOID Check for an ammunition purchase if the customer bought a firearm and received an Approval through FTIP, as long as its within the 30 days that the bcg check is valid. 2. According to ISP, no neighboring state SHOULD sell you any ammunition for any handgun, only long guns. And vice versa for IL Dealers selling to out of state sellers. ISP was made aware of PCC firearms.
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