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    Fishing and tactical brooming (this is what you are reduced to after you have your firearms stolen by a vicious pike when you are out fishing one day). Continuing to find creative ways to deal with a growing supply of male cow excrement from the part of society that has this ridiculous idea that they are entitled to everything for no cost, nor effort exerted.

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  1. https://blackrhinoconcealment.com/tcs-tactical-carry-system-cz-tcs.html Black Rhino Concealment is in Gilberts, Il if I recall correctly. Also worth checking: Code 4 Concealment in Iowa, Werkz Holsters, and T5 Custom Kydex. I ran pretty unique/new specs for work through T5 and they will be able to help me. Werkz has a tremendous variety that they can accommodate to. Code 4 Concealment has pretty solid capabilities as well. Different note: can you point me to any place in metro area that has Aero Precision complete uppers on hand, or Holosun optics and C&H (aka CHPWS) plates on hand in the metro area if you are aware of any?
  2. I'd like to tell you they aren't that obtuse.... But given this fellas track record/and clear outright hypocrisy, my recollection of the events of what happened in Waco from the press coverage, and subsequent accounts of the events, and several reviews of the events since I've been in my current profession... I'm quite sure I'd be lying to you. The guy has no honor. He is a working example of what betrayal of an oath looks like. He has no integrity. Quite frankly, I think he's a lying and detestable puke. He is being tasked with leading a law enforcement agency that has the disconcerting ability to enact rules that have full force of law and would make lawful firearms owners into federally indictable felons as fast as he can move a pen. They enforce those very rules. I can guarantee you that he and his employees will be exempt from any laws/rules/regulations passed. How prescient of the current administration to select a guy that is standing on a bunch of ashes at the end of one of the most controversial incidents in modern law enforcement history. It's absolutely insane that reality can be this screwed up. In the era where BLM, ANTIFA, etc. are seated at the ends of the table....they pick this guy? This ought to do wonders to bridge the gap between groups that want police gone and law enforcement as a whole. Seems like a super nice guy, right?
  3. As usual...a very articulate and on point notice mauserme! Good work. Only question I have.... Can I by chance convince you to run for Senator, Governor....or President? I know of several others here that I would like to see do the same.
  4. While I support LE with my heart and soul....it is grossly absurd that any law enforcement agency should have the ability to issue rulings that carry force of law as fast as they can be authored. Such ability is almost assuredly going to be abused. I'll leave it at that...for now.
  5. Certain misdemeanors (example: domestic battery or order of protection violations, drug paraphernalia) will result in a FOID/CCL revocation. I suggest that you get in touch with MollyB for additional insight about your options.
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