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    Fishing and tactical brooming (this is what you are reduced to after you have your firearms stolen by a vicious pike when you are out fishing one day). Continuing to find creative ways to deal with a growing supply of male cow excrement from the part of society that has this ridiculous idea that they are entitled to everything for no cost, nor effort exerted.

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  1. posted I'll take it, tell me how to pay

  2. https://blackrhinoconcealment.com/tcs-tactical-carry-system-cz-tcs.html Black Rhino Concealment is in Gilberts, Il if I recall correctly. Also worth checking: Code 4 Concealment in Iowa, Werkz Holsters, and T5 Custom Kydex. I ran pretty unique/new specs for work through T5 and they will be able to help me. Werkz has a tremendous variety that they can accommodate to. Code 4 Concealment has pretty solid capabilities as well. Different note: can you point me to any place in metro area that has Aero Precision complete uppers on hand, or Holosun optics and C&H (aka CHPWS) plates on hand in the metro area if you are aware of any?
  3. Certain misdemeanors (example: domestic battery or order of protection violations, drug paraphernalia) will result in a FOID/CCL revocation. I suggest that you get in touch with MollyB for additional insight about your options.
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