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  1. https://www.reuters.com/legal/us-appeals-court-calls-bidens-ghost-gun-limits-unlawful-2023-11-10/ I think this is the same case.
  2. Let them declare the state a sensitive area, but require the government be held accountable for every crime committed within the sensitive area. You get robbed, the government is required to make you whole, you get assaulted the government pays for your medical bills. So on and so forth. If the government can find the perpetrator then the government has to go after them for reimbursement.
  3. COVID restrictions and shutdowns gave politicians a play book on how to suspend rights. It's a shame the majority of the nation just went along with those extraordinary emergency powers politicians granted themselves.
  4. I kind of like the subtle implication that the American government would implement a "Global totalitarian state"
  5. Their career and pension vs someone else's rights. No one should wonder which they will choose.
  6. When asked the machine gun question our side could have done a much better job: Something to the effect of; "It is quite possible that Bruen does find the NFA unconstitutional, but I'm not here to argue that law/case. Today I'm here to argue about a ban on commonly owned semi automatic arms." Then when Easterbrook goes on his tommy gun tangent, bring it back that there might be a challenge to the NFA per Bruen, but also state that its not known if tommy guns were commonly owned at that time. (who the heck knows that off hand unless it was thoroughly researched before hand) Then when Easterbrook and Wood flexibly define what a "ban" is you need to pull out that the NFA didn't ban automatic weapons as tightly as this AWB does to AR-15s. its easy to hindsight this but the 2nd amendment side really wasn't polished.
  7. Don't forget your children might be too small to hold a rifle but they are perfect for squad operated weapons. Need to drill into them how to use mortar firing tables.
  8. This really depends on your definition of banned. In a way machine guns aren't even banned today. That is if you don't mind getting a FFL 7 (or others) with SOT 2 in a friendly state.
  9. He's off his rocker, doesn't have a clue on current laws and tried to straw-man arguments; "this isn't about an AWB this is about stinger missiles."
  10. His idea of an automatic weapon is taken straight from the movies. From what I know, it takes significant effort to keep the firearm on target let alone trying to "sweep" it around.
  11. I'd love to see some arthritic guy taken to a range and asked to shoot an automatic firearm. I just hope the camera man is in a concrete bunker. Easterbrook is a clown.
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