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  1. https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/firearmspolicycoalition/pages/5381/attachments/original/1622850515/Miller_v_Bonta_Opinion.pdf?1622850515 I didn't see a thread on this, lock if its already posted. Basically, Judge ruled Heller protects AR-15's.
  2. I'm surprised the Supreme Court is asking the Attorney representing Evans for examples and how to interpret the law in which a person is not worthy of having their rights restored. Those questions are more relevant to the Attorneys representing the Government. Even the AGA thinks the appellate court decision was absurd. HAH "Holistic test" if someone is worthy of having their rights restored; Which means how we feel this day or after we consulted the Ouija board
  3. WOW! ... A fishing exercise that can only be used against you with the clear intent to revoke your FOID. If it wasn't already revoked. Good thing no mental health records exist. The state sure is antagonistic to those who seek treatment. Good motivation to never seek treatment, which is problematic to say the least. No mental health report is going to say, "The cops are wrong, this guy is totally normal he should get a CCL" It might say we don't believe he's a danger, but that's not going to override the police departments objections. But that's just my opinion, with the high likelihood of it being wrong.
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