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  1. The USPS is having an issue with just delivering the mail. They only deliver here 2-3 times a week, I have seen reports of different area that get mail far less often. I signed up for informed delivery, everyday I mark the form not delivered. This threat is not about mail delivery, my point is; Why in the world would you give a inept failing organization a job you claim is important? Proof Brandon is not aware of what is going on? Or doesn't care.
  2. I did not see this listed, so for discussion; Blair Holt AWB The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois challenging a prohibition in Cook County against the possession, acquisition, gifting, transfer or carrying of so-called “assault weapons.” https://www.saf.org/saf-challenges-assault-weapon-ban-in-cook-county-illinois/ https://www.saf.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Complaint.pdf
  3. I think the op is concerned he won't have a new valid FOID in hand. The expired FOID with receipt is valid to the police, but his company may not accept that. LGS usually won't accept a card that is expired. Store policy.
  4. I do not believe you can apply for the FOID renewal until CCL has been completely processed.
  5. I believe you need a valid card in hand to pick up a purchase.
  6. January 1, 2019 the law took effect, the state police have 60 days to process the application or renew of a FOID card.
  7. Progressive press wants you to wait for police to investigate a crime, not let you stop the crime. Dependence on a benevolent gubbermnet.
  8. I wonder if Walmart will pay a reward in bacon for the arrest of the thief?
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