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  1. I did not see this listed, so for discussion; Blair Holt AWB The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois challenging a prohibition in Cook County against the possession, acquisition, gifting, transfer or carrying of so-called “assault weapons.” https://www.saf.org/saf-challenges-assault-weapon-ban-in-cook-county-illinois/ https://www.saf.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Complaint.pdf
  2. I renewed my FOID June 5th, 2021. I was just hoping to get it by next year. It arrived in the mail today.
  3. Lots of info missing, someone approaches in a rushed manner then reaches in a pocket, sure seems threatening. What was said? Missing info.
  4. Nothing to see here move along. There is NO chance Dickie will lose. Just stay home you can not vote him out. Durbin, helps two or three people each 6 yrs, has them in ads. Doesn't work to fix anything, Believes they POTUS can write law by executive order (dacca) Most of all Orange man bad. I will go out and vote. My vote will not be for "if you need a 30 round clip to hunt deer, maybe you should fish".
  5. I am a instructor and about due to email my updated credentials. Could I get the correct address also? Thank you.
  6. I think the op is concerned he won't have a new valid FOID in hand. The expired FOID with receipt is valid to the police, but his company may not accept that. LGS usually won't accept a card that is expired. Store policy.
  7. I do not believe you can apply for the FOID renewal until CCL has been completely processed.
  8. I believe you need a valid card in hand to pick up a purchase.
  9. January 1, 2019 the law took effect, the state police have 60 days to process the application or renew of a FOID card.
  10. Expires: March 4, 2019 Applied Nov. 30, 2018 Active Dec. 31, 2018 Arrived Jan. 11, 2019
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