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  1. Never mind!


  2. I'm not saying there wasn't something sent, just think it was possibly a fake letter, similar to a phishing email. Everything looks legit until you see a typo or click on email address sent from. The image I found was dated June 20th, seems like a long time for a legitimate company policy change to come to light. Seems like that would have hit a lot of media networks as well. Could always email customercompliance@ups.com to see if it bounces. I just did a google search for the contact info and it never came up.
  3. Facebook showed them as online and usually responds in minutes, thought why not? Only got an automated response.
  4. Sounds a bit fishy actually, is their actually a "Customer Compliance" department at UPS? Edit, I cannot find that email adress anywhere.
  5. Thia is all that came uo when I searched UPS Brownells
  6. Was a lot of speculation they would not issue their opinion until after SCOTUS ruled on the NY case. Being that is not the case, is it any indication they already know the SCOTUS opinion even though it hasn't been released? I mean, if a clerk can leak the Roe vs Wade draft, what's to stop state Supreme courts of learning an opinion before it is released?
  7. Sorry if asked already but, what information is sent to ISP during the FOID check? 5. Ammunition sales: Due to not having the expiration date on the cards, dealers will have to verify the validity of the card electronically or by phone for ammo sales If I buy a bucket of .22lr, 50 rounds of .45acp and 500 rounds .556 what is included in the "validation of FOID" call/electronic exchange. Rather than having the back of FOID scanned at the register can we request a call in instead to validate the FOID is valid?
  8. Do we still need to notify when renewing? If so, done. If not, thanks!
  9. From I presume Todd on IL Gun Lobby FB Case 124100 http://www.illinoiscourts.gov/SupremeCourt/Docket/default.asp
  10. Thanks, went ahead and updated my email address. Haven't had access to the sbcglobal one for years.
  11. A different email address from your account email address? Shouldn't be, I submitted via paypal on the 12th(see below) and it shows being withdrawn yesterday from my account. Chase app will not let me screenshot due to security. Not sure when it shows up on your end, might not have posted until yesterday? Also included email confirmation Edited to remove images.
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