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  1. Illinois will never have a true Republican candidate voted into office, only a lesser of 3 evils, until fair district maps can be drawn. Not going to happen without a court order so it's likely to never happen. Yet, we'll continue to listen to Democrat politicians and lobby groups nationwide complain about Republican gerrymandering, including those from IL. Hypocrites I tell ya. IMO, the Governors office means nothing, and hasn't for some time, with Democrats holding veto proof majorities in both chambers. Until that changes the best we get is a Rauner typed candidate. While Bailey may be 2A friendly, that doesn't do much good if the Democrats toe the line and pass new gun laws with vetoproof majorities. I'd liken him to a Phelps in comparison, steadfast 2A supporter, but would go the opposite ways for other issues. I'll likely sit the Primaries out and vote in the general for whoever made the ballot then complain about who the NE and SW corners of the state put into office. We don't have elections in Illinois, we have placements. Quinn was forced out and replaced with Rauner by Madigan, not the people. He therefore became the scapegoat for Pritzker to be placed into office. Nothing will ever change my mind on that.
  2. Either way, we/one can only hope. Off to a good start either way, have to hope the prosecution can stay together for the entirety. I trust no one when it comes to IL government, even if feds are seeking the charges.
  3. Turbin Durbin, one could only wish, Obama, one could only wish that much harder. Then you have Duckworth, who most cpuldn't give an effworth. I want all of them, past, present and future to feel the heat and make the headlines. Maybe once and for all, we can get the population as a whole here in IL to realize the much needed change politically created by the most corrupt state government the nation has seen. Everyone wants to focus on Hoffa for that role. I can only hope this is the tip of the iceberg, and not the iceberg itself in the grand scheme of things. A conviction will be a great ending for this thread either way.
  4. The only way he talks is if they come up with some charges for Lisa, I think he would sing like a canary if she faced federal indictments for whatever involvement she likely had being AG, and daughter, to the most powerfully corrupt man in the nation
  5. Sorry if asked already but, what information is sent to ISP during the FOID check? 5. Ammunition sales: Due to not having the expiration date on the cards, dealers will have to verify the validity of the card electronically or by phone for ammo sales If I buy a bucket of .22lr, 50 rounds of .45acp and 500 rounds .556 what is included in the "validation of FOID" call/electronic exchange. Rather than having the back of FOID scanned at the register can we request a call in instead to validate the FOID is valid?
  6. Renewed: 11/27/20 for 02/01/21 expiration Went active: unknown(stopped checking) Issued: 9/7/21 Received: 9/15/21 Total wait time: 292 days Only positive is my renewal date is now 8/26/31 so received an extra 6 months and 25 days from my previous renewal date. Hopefully, with any luck this will be my last FOID card ever. ED Sullivan seems to think a current ISRA case pending in the courts will abolish the FOID. Time will tell on that one.
  7. So are we still under Pritzker's Emergency Powers? Last I knew he had extended them again and was going to open up in late June. I just want to be sure of when the 6 month FOID expiration starts after his powers cease.
  8. Anyone else notice the lack of indictments and/or investigations on Chitcago's Dems since Biden took over?
  9. My first question(s) if they allowed comments would be.... And just how do you plan on going about this after throwing your weight behind enhancing its restricitions? Mandatory registration by the law abiding? Cosmetic and capacity bans?
  10. They're obviously not wanting to see the pushback. While they sent out their Thursday bulletin, they have yet to post their link to it on their Facebook page as they normally do. They are nothing more than elite politicians now: "You don't know what you want, we know what's best for you. Just shut up and deal with it."
  11. Curious... Do you contact your Rep/Sen stating that you oppose their stance on it but promise to vote for them in the next election? How do you who support anti gunners, yet oppose anti gun legislation defend yourselves? Can you answer without deflecting?
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