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  1. Never mind!


  2. I'm not saying there wasn't something sent, just think it was possibly a fake letter, similar to a phishing email. Everything looks legit until you see a typo or click on email address sent from. The image I found was dated June 20th, seems like a long time for a legitimate company policy change to come to light. Seems like that would have hit a lot of media networks as well. Could always email customercompliance@ups.com to see if it bounces. I just did a google search for the contact info and it never came up.
  3. Facebook showed them as online and usually responds in minutes, thought why not? Only got an automated response.
  4. Sounds a bit fishy actually, is their actually a "Customer Compliance" department at UPS? Edit, I cannot find that email adress anywhere.
  5. Thia is all that came uo when I searched UPS Brownells
  6. She would have only had one pick. Garland would have been confirmed, RBG would have still succumbed to age and Breyer may not have retired. Different makeup yes, but Trump got 3 damn near forever nominees on the sole basis of SCOTUS pick list. If you think Hillary can run a short list for her picks you would be sadly mistaken. Trump will forever go down as a SCOTUS remake president, regardless of his other feats that Obam.... Biden was able to overturn via EO.
  7. Link to the biggest meltdowns over the ruling.... https://beckernews.com/here-are-the-19-worst-media-meltdowns-over-the-scotus-ruling-defending-americans-gun-rights-45542/
  8. Are there any pending cases that this may apply to? Wouldn't think Brown would qualify based on their previous mention that it does not mean they find the other 43 states shall issues unconstitutional.
  9. Was a lot of speculation they would not issue their opinion until after SCOTUS ruled on the NY case. Being that is not the case, is it any indication they already know the SCOTUS opinion even though it hasn't been released? I mean, if a clerk can leak the Roe vs Wade draft, what's to stop state Supreme courts of learning an opinion before it is released?
  10. Illinois will never have a true Republican candidate voted into office, only a lesser of 3 evils, until fair district maps can be drawn. Not going to happen without a court order so it's likely to never happen. Yet, we'll continue to listen to Democrat politicians and lobby groups nationwide complain about Republican gerrymandering, including those from IL. Hypocrites I tell ya. IMO, the Governors office means nothing, and hasn't for some time, with Democrats holding veto proof majorities in both chambers. Until that changes the best we get is a Rauner typed candidate. While Bailey may be 2A friendly, that doesn't do much good if the Democrats toe the line and pass new gun laws with vetoproof majorities. I'd liken him to a Phelps in comparison, steadfast 2A supporter, but would go the opposite ways for other issues. I'll likely sit the Primaries out and vote in the general for whoever made the ballot then complain about who the NE and SW corners of the state put into office. We don't have elections in Illinois, we have placements. Quinn was forced out and replaced with Rauner by Madigan, not the people. He therefore became the scapegoat for Pritzker to be placed into office. Nothing will ever change my mind on that.
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