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  1. As an example of how things work out if you don’t have a Madigan-like figure, consider what happened to the Democrats in 1994 after Tom Foley helped get the original AWB passed. That set the stage for Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America, and basically drove a stake through any chance of health care reform. A little bit of pandering cost them their entire legislative program, from 1994 until 2009.
  2. Here is a transcript of the oral arguments, from the SCOTUS web site. 20-843_8n5a.pdf
  3. Illinois is shall-issue now as a result of a decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (and the tireless efforts of a huge number of 2A supporters). That decision could have been appealed to the US Supreme Court. That it was not appealed is sometimes attributed to pressure on Illinois from states such as New York which did not want to risk a SCOTUS ruling which would apply nationwide. However, had the case been appealed and had SCOTUS ruled against the plaintiffs, Illinois would likely not have the carry law it does now.
  4. Renewal notice dated 10/1, received 10/9 (I guess that’s the new, slow USPS service at work), renewal was fairly straightforward. Good job on FSB’s part.
  5. The complaint acknowledges past decisions at the state and at the 7th Circuit upholding semiauto bans but asserts that these were wrongly decided. The hard part will be getting the Supreme Court to grant cert. Well, that and getting the Court to find in favor of the good guys. That may be more likely now that it was pre-2017. It would help a lot to have a circuit split on this issue, which a victory at the 7th Circuit would provide.
  6. It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit compares to other IL semiauto ban challenges.
  7. Try Done Wright Gun Repair in Crystal Lake. $25 for pistol. I was just told they stopped doing FFL's in June. Nice small shop though. Thanks for trying!
  8. Yet another former customer of Mike looking for an FFL in the northwest, west, or north suburbs. I'd prefer to continue to use a small shop even if costs aren't what they used to be - I think it's important to support what's left of the infrastructure in the hope that better days lie ahead.
  9. 2A advocates would be well served by careful study of the discipline shown by black civil rights leaders in the 20th century as they fought their way through the courts. In particular, a solid biography of Thurgood Marshall - covering his years leading the legal struggle, before he became a judge - should be required reading for all of us.
  10. In keeping with the spirit of the times, Deerfield should at least get a trophy for participation.
  11. I've received the mid-year FCCL data. I need to get some issues with the FOID data sorted out but while waiting for that to happen I thought I'd post some of the FCCL data. The attached PDF has the year-end FCCL data for the past few years along with the mid-year numbers, by county but without gender, along with the corresponding growth rates (annual, except YTD for 2018). Statewide, carry licenses are up about 10.0%. Cook County continues to exceed expectations at 12.7%. Cook also beats all of the collar counties: DuPage 10.0%, Kane 10.0%, Lake 9.6%, McHenry 9.7%, and Will 11.0%. The annual growth rates for 2015, 2016, and 2017 were 56.5%, 50.2%, and 27.3% respectively. The first-half growth rate of 10% suggests that we will see a further decline for 2018 but also that the decline may be leveling off. It will be interesting to see where it stabilizes. Note that one year has some licenses reported with a county of "null". The number is included but I have no idea whether it is meaningful. FCCL by county year-end 2014 through mid 2018.pdf
  12. Nothing which is both systematic and recent. The older data are pretty dirty - there are far more counties in Illinois which have cities named Chicago than you would believe possible, lots of incorrect spellings (at city and county level), and just about every other sort of data entry error you can imagine. The newer data appear to be much cleaner but I haven't asked for the complete breakdown by city recently. I've settled, for now, on the county level as a good compromise - fine enough resolution to be useful in tracking differences across geographical areas over time, but easy enough for the ISP to provide without putting in an inordinate amount of effort. (I believe someone was considering asking for data based on ZIP codes but I don't know if any requests were actually filed.)
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