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HK SP5 - Civilian Pistol Version of MP5 is Back!


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$2060 dealer cost. $2800 MSRP. $3500+ on gunbroker. Unless one has extra $ or can find it in stock closer to retail, I would wait for more stock to come into the country. Many are complaining about it not supporting a sear host, but thats not really an IL issue.


The rear sight is not traditional, apparently using what they had in warehouse stock. Supposedly that may change on future shipments or you can change the drum yourself if its an issue for you.





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With the events in Turkey, Im not expecting any Zenith clone shipments soon in spite of estimates of December/this winter. They had two this year iirc and that first one lacked QC. Maybe the new HK will help keep any Zenith/MKE price increases low. They were already breaking the 2K price point.


I predict that if people really want the HK name on basically the same exact gun, Zenith will need to be 30-35% lower to sell guns.


I would rather SBR an MPX personally. Lower price, with a ton of aftermarket accessories in a very soft shooting platform. The MPX is extremely popular in USPSA for good reason...soft shooting with less recoil than most other PCC platforms. That translates into giving you the ability to shoot faster and more accurate splits. I have yet to see a single Zenith out there.


I got to shoot a full auto MP5 a few years back. I honestly don’t know why people get such a big stiffy over them.

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