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  1. The question says "committed" but since I was underage at the time, it wasn't voluntary did you sign anything or authorize anyone to sign for you? I think that’s the difference with respect to a judge ordering it. If there’s no signed judicial order, I’m guessing it was a voluntary “check-in” and not a judicial “commitment”. Don’t think age comes into play. im guessing this stuff is checked at the state level vs the federal level, since you have your FOID I suspect you’re good and won’t have a problem on the federal form unless you adversely self-disclose when not required per the note above by Quiet Observer.
  2. Yep you might be on to something here. Could his charges be amended to include Air Pollution within the city limits? in California lead causes cancer, good think he’s in Ilinois, still might be an EPA or IL-EPA issue for lead discharge.
  3. If someone spends all their time at schools, government buildings (including libraries and court houses), public transportation, and city parks/playgrounds, trying to carry a loaded weapon means it spends more time in their car than on them. Plus a lot of employers disallow carry by employees. Carrying an unloaded weapon requires only a FOID. Carrying an unloaded weapon Concealed on your person still requires an ILCC. not if it’s concealed in a paper bag, zipped bag, closed case, backpack, etc…
  4. No CCL limits, meaning all the pistols you can conceal on or about your body. Don’t leave one loaded in your car if you’re not there and a non-CCL holder is likely to be in the car while you’re not in the car, and don’t leave a firearm in the car if that person is also a non-FOID holder… otherwise you may be thinking, oops I hope they don’t get pulled over and I hope they don’t consent to a search if asked. Generally I take magazines with me for any guns I leave in the car unless they’re in the bolted in safe - don’t want to come back to an armed car burglar.
  5. I must’ve taken the same or similar class from that same instructor, still regret not calling him out on that comment of unethical “thought”.
  6. Bungee cord, v-sling under your coat, good to go.
  7. uhhh... we should push for no need for FOID or CCL cards.
  8. A magazine without a firearm to go with it is just a machine part. There is no state law that criminalizes owning a machine part without a FOID. The Deerfield law now requires magazine owners to have FOIDs, though. if only Deerfield required machine parts owners to get a FOID ....
  9. There is humor in the ruling referenced above by Molly https://courts.illinois.gov/Opinions/AppellateCourt/2020/2ndDistrict/2190879.pdf page 39 There is a riddle attributed to Abraham Lincoln: how many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? The answer, of course, is four; calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg. See BrainyQuote, https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/abraham_lincoln_107482(last visited Nov. 4, 2020) [https: //perma.cc/6DYW-XXKF]. Similarly, here, the simple act of calling the 2018 ordinance an amendment of the 2013 ordinance does not make it a one page 40: ¶ 90 I also find unpersuasive the majority’s assertion that the 2018 ordinance was an amendment because “changes were reflected by striking through language that was to be removed from the municipal code and underlining language to be added.” Supra ¶ 59. Had Deerfield struck any references to assault rifles and added underlined references to dogs, would that be an indication that the new ordinance was an amendment of Deerfield’s animal control ordinance? Again, Deerfield did not regulate ownership in 2013; its addition of ownership in the 2018 ordinance indicates an attempt to write new legislation, not to amend an ordinance that did not regulate ownership. My interpretation is that the 2018 AWB is tossed with respect to FOID and CCL holders as that wasn’t within the ten day window
  10. So, AR pistols with a brace are cool with Deerfield right?
  11. Just another tax to deny poor people their 2nd Amendment rights. Similar tactic to the poll taxes that existed between 1870 (15th Amendment allowing former slaves the right to vote) and 1964 (24th Amendment abolishing those voter/poll taxes).
  12. So where can you pickup these cracked hammers? Asking for a friend.
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