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  1. Todd says Supreme Court found unique way to delay ruling, but shows FOID is on life support.
  2. I am not keeping track of municipalities as county Sheriffs and County Attorney hold more power than that of a city or township. Anytime I hear about a county passing a sanctuary county measure I will update the map. Has been since august or so since I have heard anything. Post hear if you have an update, once I verify then I will update the map.
  3. If that is question, then that is not same as sanctuary referendum. That is actually weak stance. Chicago Dems are going to be laughing, oh no Grundy county does not like our gun bill... Even if that passes, still don't feel they should be considered a sanctuary county.
  4. Anyone read the State's reply? That was a piece of work. Garson S. Fischer should be fired for submitting that garbage, but then again that is about all the state has to support their case.
  5. That means one more for an even 2/3 of the state's counties. There really has to be a way this 2/3 supermajority can be capitalized on to do something to move the needle for the entire state towards the anti-firearm-confiscation side. I am talking legislatively, not just feel-good platitudes. Only way is to replace current state government with one where one house is representative of local government and not population. The way the state government is setup it is impossible not have a majority biased representation by Chicago Democrats.
  6. Who and where is this map maintained? Thanks Dan O I update the map anytime new information is posted here. Map is free to be used if that is your question.
  7. If I was IG and had evidence, I would not investigate either. I would ask the FBI to investigate and give them the evidence. That way there can not be any conflict of interest tainting the case.
  8. I thought a lot, if not most, of the legal prior work was reported as being pro bono. I would assume that has not changed. Lawyers are doing pro bono for Deerfield, but I would assume the plaintiffs will ask to recover legal costs.
  9. Updated map. Bureau County gets Green. Crawford gets a star.
  10. GIMP https://www.gimp.org/ Wonderful open source application for image editing. Also, updated map with star for Richland.
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