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  1. . Your Entire Position is False, we certainly lead the World in Mass Shootings. Do your research. Having read all the posts one thing is apparent; Cordell isn't that interested in defending people's rights as strongly as most of the rest of us. Part of that reason may be the onerous living conditions in Chicago and "Crook" county where he alludes to be his home. So be it. He may not be a LWW but he is definitely to the left of our collective positions. Until he is directly impacted by his decisions and learns the "hard way", he may never change his mind. So don't waste the time and effort on him. Well Sir in Crook County we couldn't even Own A HandGun under Mayor Richard Daley until 2010 and in no way shape or form would I ever agree with Any form of Government infringing on our inalienable right to bear arms for self defense. However Sir I do not nor shall I ever believe that I NEED my AR-15 Rifle to defend Myself in my Specific County. You may live in Rural America where you may need to hit a target in say a Cornfield. I don't know. When I step out of My door there's no target that I couldn't hit with my AR-15 Pistol. So the Ban on what the Left calls Assault Weapons doesn't affects me In any Manner. I Go to the Range I Shoot My Rifle And I leave it in storage there. I have the Ability to defend myself at Home or when I travel Across Country as I am licensed to Carry in over 40 states with the 3 conceal carry permits that I have. My Grandfather and Uncle are both Police officers and the point that they make is they would rather be in a Gunfight with a person holding a 9mm then a person like say The D.C. Sniper who hid in a trunk and Gunned people down from blocks away. That could not have been done with a .38 Revolver. In No way will I ever be against the Second Amendment. But the Argument that a Law Abiding Citizen should be able to buy ANY weapon he so chooses in the name of SELF DEFENSE....(you know the reason we're allowed to have Guns in the first place) is quite Laughable. You sir, seem to have a far different understanding of WHY we have the 2nd than most on this forum. Self defense has nothing to do with it and never has. Providing a defense against tyranny is the reason for the 2nd, as supported by many of the writings of the Founders from around the time the Constitution was written. With this basis, many believe that any "small arm" should be available for the law-abiding to bear. If your opinion is that the 2nd was created to allow for self-defense, please present your arguments to support that belief. Additionally, I'm not sure why you seem to think the lack of a stock significantly changes the performance characteristics of the AR platform. An AR-15 pistol is chambered in the same round as an AR-15 rifle. Same round = mostly the same ballistics (barrel length and some other factors come into play for minor variation). The lack of a stock simply makes aiming more difficult, so, if you are willing to own and use an AR-15 pistol there is no LOGICAL reason for you to be against an AR-15 rifle in it's place. If you disagree, I'd be happy to hear the logic on which you base your opinion.
  2. So, most everyone agrees that only the lawyers are going to get anything, but do we all opt-out and leave it be or let it move forward with as many of us on as possible and use this as another tool to get rid of the FOID?
  3. I just received an "opt-in/opt-out" email for a class action lawsuit filed in Madison County, Gary Sterr v Jessica Trame, et al. Overview is that since the ISP has been charging an extra fee for electronic applications and they are evidently only taking electronic applications now, they have been violating the law by charging 11 dollars for the application. I'd like to know if anyone else got this and what the general thoughts on this one?
  4. Oddly enough, there isn't a walmart on my route home. Almost an impossibility I know, but still true.
  5. Why did someone have to mention pie? Now I'm trying to figure out the best place to stop on the way home.
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