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Mass. Bump Stock Ban


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Gun parts CONFISCATION begins in Massachusetts as state to order “bump stocks” destroyed or turned over to government


Massachusetts, like most other liberal states across the country, is not exactly a state that believes in or respects the Second Amendment rights of the people who live there. Rather, Massachusetts and the leftists who run it believe as the vast majority of liberal democrats in this country do: That the implementation of more gun laws and regulations is the best and most effective way to decrease gun-related crime.

Massachusetts’ most recent attack on the Second Amendment comes in the form of a letter that will soon be sent to all License to Carry (LTC) permit holders in the state from the Executive Office of Public Safety. The letter, which was originally uncovered by the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) based in Northborough, explains that “Retention of a prohibited item [bump stock or trigger crank] beyond the 90 day grace period will expose the owner to criminal prosecution.” In other words, residents of Massachusetts are being forced to turn in their bump stocks without exception, even if they have no criminal history and obtained their firearm legally.

The law, which will officially take effect on February 1 of this year, places a ban on “bump stocks” and “trigger crank” devices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Even though the letter has yet to be sent to LTC permit holders, it appears that property that was once considered legally owned will soon become contraband, and must therefore be surrendered and destroyed without compensation. (Related: Gun control is incredibly popular among people who live under tyranny and oppression – don’t they get it?)



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