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  1. Congrats Lou. We moved out 4 years ago and are glad we are not in IL anymore.
  2. Thank you for the campaign contribution. Will that be Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, or unmarked bills in an envelope?
  3. The Borg have thoroughly assimilated Illinois, NY, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, DC, most of the East Coast. And they're working on Arizona.
  4. The republican party is a decoration in the USA. At best, it is controlled opposition. Typically, it just does nothing. At worst, it does the Marxist bidding.
  5. Either which way, I'm wondering where the "molon labe" types are who were preaching the 3 boxes of liberty are. ("ballot box, soap box, and ammo box") One box is gone thanks to the steal. One box is gone due to Big Tech censorship. They're awfully quiet now. Guess Admiral Nakamoto was wrong. The invasion was a success and the borg has assimilated the United States of America.
  6. Can't beat the cheat. The Republic died in March 2020 with the COVID totalitarianism and is dead since then.
  7. Well, looks like Illinois' cooties have spread to the rest of the nation in this one way. More money for cronies. Watch this be funneled to the usual suspects who will give "safety lectures" and do "consulting" in gun safety.
  8. Meanwhile Glock should be sending some salesmen to the police union
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