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  1. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How are they supposed to enrich cronies this way?
  2. "(the CEO) takes full responsibility" - will he give up his bonus check and hire more people with the funds from that? NOPE. How about actually paying people more so they can afford to live in Silicon Valley? NOPE! Silicon Valley is insular and out of touch.
  3. 48 hours absent is plenty of time to do mayhem. Oh wait, Marxicrats don't think that criminals will do evil while absent.
  4. My question still stands. How does the state have jurisdiction over something that should be a Federal Case?
  5. This should be a Federal case. What about the defendant's attorney arguing that they don't have jurisdiction in that part of the airport? I'm surprised the TSA didn't file federal charges.
  6. Miracles do happen in Illinois. In this case, they did think. https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/news/state-news/changes-coming-to-foid-card-program-concealed-carry-licenses-in-2022/
  7. I moved from IL 3 years ago and after seeing how they handled the pandemic with utter totalitarianism, I'm glad.
  8. I wonder if they'll send me a copy of this since I no longer live in IL.
  9. I agree. However, violent criminals are the cronies of the leftist politicians.
  10. I think you may need to see certain levels of anti-2A. I'd say at the top - level one - are those who refuse to do business with gun companies, gun shops, pro-2A organizations. Those who close accounts for gun shops. Those should get the brunt of the boycott. Then below them are the second level - those who actively fund gun control groups with significant amounts of money. The third level is those who are anti-2A but fund gun control groups with small amounts of money. The fourth level are those who spout anti-2A nonsense but don't fund anti-2a groups. Depending on where you want to draw the line, that limits your banking options. I'd say do no business with level 1 and level 2. Third and below, depend on what choices are left.
  11. You mean like this? Politicians: "We have a budget problem, we must slice police and fire department budgets - unless we raise taxes!" Useful idiots: RAISE OUR TAXES! Politicians pass tax increase and promptly funnel more money for cronies. Lather, rinse, repeat.
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