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  1. Molly, you are a trooper and one of the greatest assets to IC. Thank you for all you have done.
  2. Solid advice from the two gentlemen who responded. I would pay attention as you will avoid a bunch of hassle.
  3. Remrmbrt, Illinois is broke, only enough money for graft and criminal politics.
  4. Sir, I believe you need to read more posts. I don't know where the are, but have read them in various threads over the years. you fixed it though so you are good.
  5. This is sage advice! ^ Exactly the process we went through for the baby girl who out shoots her old man. Damn little kid eyesight. She is also a master at Kentucky Windage. Zeroed her 10/22 in 20 knot breeze. Dad, I think I need a heavier bullet. Two shots and she was on the money!
  6. You got solid advice from the gents that spoke up and Molly is the true Ninja Master of all things ISP. See what she reccomends and you should be cool.
  7. Sir, if your Dr's say you are well, then you are well. The medical card is something I am not familiar with, but if it helped, it was worth it. It is still Illegal on the Federal level, but I believe others have a card and still have a FOID.. There are extremely educated and helpful people on this forum and you will receive very good advice from a variety of people. Oh yeah, welcome to Illinois Carry. Stay well and learn from those in the know. WD
  8. http://abc7chicago.com/illinois-counties-declare-sanctuary-status-for-gun-owners/3436439/
  9. Hope this helps... From 4473: Question 12.d. Immigration Status:An alien admitted to the United States undera nonimmigrant visa includes, among others, persons visiting the United Statestemporarily for business or pleasure, persons studying in the United States whomaintain a residence abroad, and certain temporary foreign workers. These aliensmust answer "yes" to this question and provide the additional documentationrequired under question 18.c. Permanent resident aliens and aliens legally admittedto the United States pursuant to either the Visa Waiver Program or to regulationsotherwise exempting them from visa requirements may answer "no" to this questionand are not required to submit the additional documentation under question 18. Question 18.a. Identification:Before a licensee may sell or deliver a firearm toa nonlicensee, the licensee must establish the identity, place of residence, and ageof the transferee/buyer. The transferee/buyermustprovide a valid government-issued photo identification document to the transferor/seller that contains thetransferee's/buyer's name, residence address, and date of birth. A driver's licenseor an identification card issued by a State in place of a license is acceptable. SocialSecurity cards are not acceptable because no address, date of birth, or photographis shown on the cards. A combination of government-issued documents may beprovided. See instructions for question 18.b. Supplemental Documentation.If the transferee/buyer is a member of the Armed Forces on active duty acquiring afirearm in the State where his/her permanent duty station is located, but he/she hasa driver's license from another State, the transferor/seller should list thetransferee's/buyer's military identification card and official orders showing wherehis/her permanent duty station is located in response to question 18.a. Licenseesmay accept electronic PCS orders to establish residency.Question 18.b. Supplemental Documentation:Licensees may accept acombination of valid government-issued documents to satisfy the identificationdocument requirements of the law. The required valid government-issued photoidentification document bearing the name, photograph, and date of birth oftransferee/buyer may be supplemented by another valid, government-issueddocument showing the transferee's/buyer's residence address. This supplementaldocumentation should be recorded in question 18.b., with the issuing authority andtype of identification presented. For example, if the transferee/buyer has twoStates of residence and is trying to buy a handgun in State X, he may provide adriver's license(showing his name, date of birth, and photograph)issued by StateY and another government-issued document(such as a tax document)from State Xshowing his residence address. A valid electronic document from a governmentwebsite may be used as supplemental documentation provided it contains thetransferee's/buyer's name and current residence address.Question 18.c. Exceptions to the Nonimmigrant Alien Prohibition andAcceptable Documentation:An alien admitted to the United States under anonimmigrant visa is not prohibited from purchasing, receiving, or possessing afirearm if the alien: (1) is in possession of a hunting license or permit lawfullyissued by the Federal Government, a State or local government, or an Indian tribefederally recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is valid and unexpired;(2) was admitted to the United States for lawful hunting or sporting purposes; (3)has received a waiver from the prohibition from the Attorney General of theUnited States; (4) is an official representative of a foreign government who isaccredited to the United States Government or the Government's mission to aninternational organization having its
  10. Always remain optimistic, also know your enemy and how not to let them get you. Fix yourself and go get those guns back!
  11. Welcome to Illinois... And welcome to the forum too...
  12. Yep. The FOID and CCL have different standards, as evidenced by the abundance of B.S. objections by Dart. would going to my state rep or senator help? and i applied a week after i turned 21... that couldn't be a problem right? lol Be cool and patient. You may not have to do anything at all but wait. It is my understanding that you should be made aware within a reasonable amount of time. WD
  13. Sig 938 -- perfect 1911-type EDC. 938 is a nice EDC 1911, so is the Scorpion. I carry a full size Wilson on occasion. Pulls my pants down though...LoL! Love my P227 too. Chicago ESQ, we had the exact same dates, did you take the class at Maxon's in Des Plaines? I do prefer the .45 ACP cartridge though.
  14. Sig 938 -- perfect 1911-type EDC. 938 is a nice EDC 1911, so is the Scorpion. I carry a full size Wilson on occasion. Pulls my pants down though...LoL! Love my P227 too. Chicago ESQ, we had the exact same dates, did you take the class at Maxon's in Des Plaines?
  15. Leadchucker, I am with you on this one. Besides, where am I going to keep both cards except my wallet ? That is I am hoping to get a second card from this great state. CCL please arrive soon..... WD
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