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  1. holy cow! mine was about five weeks for the FOID. CCL still says under review. That one might take a min8ute.
  2. i am down with THE KING and Colt Guy. I will be putting more money into IC and that will come from me not giving the ISRA anymore of my hard earned funds.
  3. w/prints and guidance from our wonderful Molly B, I applied for FOID (again) 3/27/2021, card in hand 4/23/2021 29 Days!
  4. Midway will ship to your door AR and shotgun ammunition. No pistol ammo though. Grab your Money will never see another dime from me. Love Target Sports for years!
  5. Molly, you are a trooper and one of the greatest assets to IC. Thank you for all you have done.
  6. Solid advice from the two gentlemen who responded. I would pay attention as you will avoid a bunch of hassle.
  7. Sir, I believe you need to read more posts. I don't know where the are, but have read them in various threads over the years. you fixed it though so you are good.
  8. This is sage advice! ^ Exactly the process we went through for the baby girl who out shoots her old man. Damn little kid eyesight. She is also a master at Kentucky Windage. Zeroed her 10/22 in 20 knot breeze. Dad, I think I need a heavier bullet. Two shots and she was on the money!
  9. I remember your post sir and hope it all goes to heck for these crooks!
  10. You got solid advice from the gents that spoke up and Molly is the true Ninja Master of all things ISP. See what she reccomends and you should be cool.
  11. Sir, if your Dr's say you are well, then you are well. The medical card is something I am not familiar with, but if it helped, it was worth it. It is still Illegal on the Federal level, but I believe others have a card and still have a FOID.. There are extremely educated and helpful people on this forum and you will receive very good advice from a variety of people. Oh yeah, welcome to Illinois Carry. Stay well and learn from those in the know. WD
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