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  1. holy cow! mine was about five weeks for the FOID. CCL still says under review. That one might take a min8ute.
  2. well finally got a letter today JUNE 12 2021, that they found no preponderance of evidence that i pose a threat or are a danger and informed the state police to resume the application process,the isp website said the application is approved,and issued,now i just have to wait for it to arrive by mail. Hope that doesent take another year. There is hope Excellent for you. The whole FOID thing is a PIA!
  3. Thank G-d we give them training.Consider it a different form of Vocational Ed!
  4. i am down with THE KING and Colt Guy. I will be putting more money into IC and that will come from me not giving the ISRA anymore of my hard earned funds.
  5. who is old enough to remember Spyder Savitch, the famous skier whose girlfriend said he was killed cleaning his gun. i was young but i think she shot him. cleaning his gun, duh!
  6. w/prints and guidance from our wonderful Molly B, I applied for FOID (again) 3/27/2021, card in hand 4/23/2021 29 Days!
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