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  1. Most of the gangbangers barely have the clothes on their back. This is so a phony idea.
  2. I hope Sig Sauer have some real sharks for layers.
  3. $5.00 + fee = FOID $75.00 + fee = CCL $80.00 + fee = both FOID and CCL
  4. Let me be the first person to report a bug. Unregistered users can post.
  5. " Supreme Court ruled that a regulatory agency has the power to interpret the laws that it is charged with enforcing." I'm wondering why this is a problem. This makes reasonable sense. If courts find the agency misinterpreted the statute, the regulations (interpretation) get changed. I predict SCOTUS will affirm Chevron on the first two counts. The third one, I think could go lenient to the defendant.
  6. We are in the period between the first totalitarianism of 2020 and the second totalitarianism that is coming soon.
  7. Yes, they will blame the right. They'll blame republicans. You DO know that democrats are pretty much either idiots, evil or sociopaths?
  8. I promise not to mention anything about buying a gun in Arizona in this thread. Nope. Not one word.
  9. The state of Illinois saves a TON of money by * releasing mentally ill people on the streets from asylums * releasing criminals onto the street so they can make their rap sheets extra long. Both of these combine to make crime rates higher.
  10. They're supposed to hire "contract attorneys" who will go through this entire trove of documents. They will press Y for "yes, this is relevant to the case" and N for "No, this is not relevant to this case" They pay the "contract attorneys" $20/hour but charge the client $300/hour. LWW's love to overpay.
  11. At least one Republican governor has: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/414375-ron-desantis-critical-marx/ He declared it Marxism but not a public health crisis.
  12. Why hasn't any republican governor made a declaration that Marxism is a public health crisis and germinate those seeds?
  13. The Collective assimilated that state a while ago.
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