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  1. Oops! I didn't send my FCCL or FOID card back to the ISP. I'm such a naughty boy. I'm keeping them as reminders of Illinois' totalitarianism.
  2. {TommyLeeJones} And also getting a Glock instead of a sissy pistol. {/TommyLeeJones}
  3. More proof that LWW-ism does not care about reason, or logic. It is 100% about emotion.
  4. I totally agree. The administrative procedure act is unconstitutional - the executive branch does not have judicial powers.
  5. This is a case that could determine the fate of the Administrative State. The Chevron deference doctrine says that if the law is ambiguous or silent that the agency can make up regulations - and this gives them huge amount of power to speak where Congress has not. If the Chevron deference is struck down and replaced with something stricter, that means the three letter agencies will have a lot less power.
  6. Antifa is Orwellian Doublespeak and not an actual English term. They don't mean they are anti-fascism - they LOVE fascism.
  7. OK, who wants to bet their life savings that there WILL be such a mass shooting happening in Illinois? This will be planned out.
  8. Remember the Borg's voice: We are the Borg. From now on you will service us. Resistance is futile.
  9. Why stop at the government? Hold the anti-gun politicians PERSONALLY liable. When they start filing personal bankruptcy, they'll think twice about yanking our rights.
  10. OK, so New Mexico suspended public immunity for government employees. That includes the GOVERNOR who just violated our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Someone PLEASE sue her into bankruptcy court. Evict her from her own home.
  11. This is one reason I didn't want an electronic safe. Anything electronic won't survive an emp and can be hacked. Dead battery = worthless safe. Whoever knows how to convert safes from digital to analog will be making some cha-ching in this profitable niche.
  12. BobPistol

    What happens

    But not enough percentage to guarantee it. Remember, a bored cop is a dangerous weapon. And cronyocracies use cops as revenue generators, not protectors of the people.
  13. BobPistol

    What happens

    So you're saying, that 100% of the time it is guaranteed that if one drives according to the rules that police won't pull them over? 100% guaranteed? 1) A bored cop is a dangerous weapon - and this is in a normal jurisdiction. We've seen cops pull people over for stupid reasons simply because the cop was bored. Or the chick was hot and he wanted to BS his way into a phone number. 2) There's lots of these "small towns" where their primary source of revenue is - traffic ticket revenue. Gotta fund those cronies. They pull over people for BS reasons. Unfortunately, people rolling through don't know until it is too late. There are lots of cases where cops are used as "revenue generators" instead of actual peace officers.
  14. Totalitarians are sociopaths. Totalitarians will totalitarian because sociopaths will sociopath.
  15. There were actual legal voters who voted for her? I thought this was "vote early and often" Chicago, with cemetery residents and illegal aliens voting. I think the second group far outnumbered the legal voters by a factor of 10.
  16. The context of this law CLEARLY is about firearms - now the State says "naaaaaaaaaah, nothing to do with firearms" They are lying. Then again, the AG is a sociopath so no surprise.
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