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  1. You haven't even gotten to North Mariana Islands and American Samoa, which still PROHIBIT conceal carry. https://handgunlaw.us/
  2. I'm sure they'll have plenty of crony law firms who will defend the state at huge cost. That's the purpose of those laws.
  3. Gotta love this part: The first (database to be created) would be a statewide license and record database to be created and maintained by police and checked each month for accuracy and to verify whether a person is a valid license holder. These records would be checked against records for criminal convictions, criminal indictments, mental health, extreme risk protection orders (granted by the state's red-flag law), and protection orders. So, this is more evidence that that the may-issue regime was cronies only and they don't care if cronies have any of the above issues.
  4. Law says nothing so they can make up a rule. That doctrine was overruled in the EPA ruling.
  5. So a goose-stepping totalitarian got voted out by......probably another marxist.
  6. There was a time the Illinois State police recommended women use tongue depressors to make themselves puke if they're being raped.
  7. FJB signs it. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/breaking-senate-passes-red-flag-gun-grabbing-bill/
  8. And imagine what level of totalitarianism would have happened under COVID too. We already saw Joe push the jab mandate but by then COVID had already started winding down.
  9. First, check your criminal record. See what is on it. If the case was "not processed" it should not show up at all, or "charges dropped"
  10. The reason itself must be reasonable. Unsubstantiated ideological assertions are not reasonable.
  11. Felony Jaywalking with $100,000 fine (we GOTTA enrich those cronies!) Excessive fines and penalties? Muahahahaha. Never enforced against big fines, that's why we see $1000 traffic tickets in Virginia.
  12. All that money saved by closing asylums was funneled to cronies. That was a feature, not a bug.
  13. Totalitarians will totalitarian. That's who those RINOs are.
  14. There are people IN the militia and outside of the militia. Both have the right of self defense.
  15. Another totalitarian forgets there are two groups of people in the 2nd amendment. * the well regulated militia AND * the people Yes, the militia has to be regulated. Doesn't say anything about the people being "regulated" The people have a fundamental human right to self defense which the 2nd amendment is about.
  16. Totalitarians will totalitarian. Cackling hyenas will cackle.
  17. We have a republican party in the state of IL? Whodathunkit?
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