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    45 yrs old, Proud father, grandpa and husband of 25 years. Church, family and living for the Lord is priority. After that it's bow hunting, shooting sports, fishing, camping, boating and hiking.

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  1. I could use some advice or recommendations. I had an AR built in 7.62x39. It's been shipped and on the way to my FFL. Only hitch is, it's missing the carrier. The builders supplier has been out for some time. I told him to go ahead and ship the rifle and send me the carrier direct when he gets them in but WHEN will he get them is the million dollar question. He is sending the bolt with the enhanced firing pin for 7.62x39 and the rifle accepts AR style mags, not AK mags. So my question is, can I use the carrier out of my (or any) 5.56 AR with the bolt he is sending? Are they (the carrier) interchangeable between calibers both being in an AR platform? My guess is yes they are but wanted to confirm. If so, then the follow up question is does anyone know where I can get a quality carrier ONLY at a decent price now? 1) In case his supplier don't follow through or 2) If they do, I'll just have a spare. Thanks
  2. Anyone have any updates on Will county? I know they failed to pass a resolution at one point but is it dead in the water?
  3. WTH!!?? It's not bad enough to live in a sucky state but I have to live in 1 of 4 sucky counties IN this sucky state to vote NO!? Way to go Will county. This just ruined my day
  4. Finally....applied for renewal on 12/23 ( did prints originally)... went to QC verified sometime in mid Feb, went approved right at the first of March and went active yesterday the 19th. 86 days in total. Originally expired on the 13th, gained 6 days.
  5. As of today 3/4, I'm at 71 days since reapplying(QC Verified). Prints submitted. Not holding my breath that I will be active before the 14th (When I expire)
  6. Expires: 3/14/19 Submitted renewal: 12/27/18 As of 2/22/19 still at "Under Review, QC verified" 58 days and counting
  7. Will county update anyone? Anyone here besides me reside in Will county?
  8. That is the best news I have heard all day. Now lets hope my mailman is as good as yours. BTW, are you near Cook County? I'm in will county. ..joliet area... and to operator45. ..NICE!
  9. Felt the love from my mailman today :-) Now that a few of us have been through the process, our experience can/will help future applicants in knowing what to potentially expect. Applied 1/2 W/prints Went UBR on or abot 2/5 Went back UR on 2/25 Went active on 3/13 Received license on 3/17 (3 business days) GL to all that follow and are reading this.
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