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    53 yrs old, Proud father, grandpa (of 5) and husband of 33 years. Church, family and living for the Lord is priority. After that it's bow hunting, shooting sports, Disc golfing, fishing, camping, boating and hiking.

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  1. I have been on the fence on whether to be a Plaintiff in case #3 or not for various reasons. After reading what stock had to say, I'm going to go with my "gut" and save my $200 for now. I also am waiting for the judgment remedy and not just a "time out"- I firmly believe we will prevail in defeating this bogus law in the long run. I've already donated to Todd's case via ASC and will consider sending more vs going to case #3 that may or may not even get a TRO. Thanks for the info Ranger.
  2. Did before posting here...still waiting....I'll update if I get any info
  3. Forgive me if this has been asked/posted elsewhere but I seen DeVore is accepting Plaintiffs for his 3rd case but when you click on "start case" it brings you to a form that clearly says "contributions only- you are not joining case." Obviously this is a bit confusing as it says "registration extended" at the top. What am I missing here?
  4. I should have clarified. I didn't see it on. CNN. I don't watch CNN. It was the only story I seen on my Google news app that I seen. I have been coming here all day looking for an update and just didn't see it. If I could delete this thread, I would but that's not an option.
  5. I have been back here to look no less than once an hour all day. I'm old and blind apparently coz I looked 😆
  6. I don't either. It was top story on my Google News. I didn't see it posted anywhere here.
  7. Why am I only seeing this on CNN? Any more news? https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/20/politics/illinois-weapons-ban-ruling/index.html
  8. 😡 doesn't surprise me. Riley had him on the vote count on election day but a week later after the mail in (harvesting) votes "came in", Kelly took the lead and the W and he apparently cares little about his oath to the constitution.
  9. 🙏 this happens. I'm also in Will county and have been dismayed to see them remain red as a sanctuary county. Anyone have a direct connection with the Will county sheriff?
  10. Will county still red. Anyone know if the county board ever even discussed or voted on this?
  11. Anyone have any updates on Will county? I know they failed to pass a resolution at one point but is it dead in the water?
  12. WTH!!?? It's not bad enough to live in a sucky state but I have to live in 1 of 4 sucky counties IN this sucky state to vote NO!? Way to go Will county. This just ruined my day
  13. Will county update anyone? Anyone here besides me reside in Will county?
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