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    53 yrs old, Proud father, grandpa (of 5) and husband of 33 years. Church, family and living for the Lord is priority. After that it's bow hunting, shooting sports, Disc golfing, fishing, camping, boating and hiking.

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  1. Before anyone crucifies me, I DID search for the answer before starting a new topic haha- I didn't see the exact answer I was looking for and YES, it was probably staring me right in the face and I missed it..SORRY 😜 So I took the 3 hour renewal class back in October- 10/22/23 to be exact. I submitted the paperwork and renewed the next day via the ISP portal- As of today, 2/19/24, I have two cards in my wallet. My FOID, which has an expiration date of 8/27/31 (shows 12/19/33 on my account in the ISP portal) and my CCW card with an expiration date of 3/19/24 (29 days from today)- online it says it expires on 3/19/29. Was I supposed to receive a new combo card to replace both of these? What happens after 3/19/24 if I haven't yet received a combo card? If I was supposed to receive a new card, who should I contact to get this going? TIA for any and all replies, -JKD
  2. That is the best news I have heard all day. Now lets hope my mailman is as good as yours. BTW, are you near Cook County? I'm in will county. ..joliet area... and to operator45. ..NICE!
  3. Felt the love from my mailman today :-) Now that a few of us have been through the process, our experience can/will help future applicants in knowing what to potentially expect. Applied 1/2 W/prints Went UBR on or abot 2/5 Went back UR on 2/25 Went active on 3/13 Received license on 3/17 (3 business days) GL to all that follow and are reading this.
  4. that's great! That's two of you now that have the same dates/status changes as me. ..exciting days lol
  5. Woldy2, operator. ..I've noticed a lot of approvals happening around or on the 60 day mark. If you factor the time we spent UBR (which stopped the clock) that would put us around 3/22-3/25. I'm hoping sooner though. I seen one other person already get approved after coming off UBR. Trying to stay optimistic but I'm really thinking mid next week.... time will tell
  6. What's up operator. .welcome back. Heard ya had a nice trip minus border patrol :-/ anyway I saved you a spot in the bleachers. Hopefully our team scores soon!
  7. welcome back to the UR crowd. Did the Lt. Give any indication how long before you would get approved? Or what exactly happens next? What "pile" Your app goes into. It's been two weeks since I've been back under review and I'm getting ansy. I originally applied 12/23, paid 1/2 w/prints
  8. Reported approvals coming in from a few that went from UBR to UR. The time that they were UBR seems close to the amount (but not exact) to the time that it took to get approved once placed back UR. Personally, I was UBR for around 20 days and have back UR for about 13.
  9. I've asked that question multiple times with no answer. ..GL finding out. Apparently it's a taboo question :-/
  10. Patiently waiting for the board to act on my application. Everything runs like ice cold molasses with this state. You can expect to hear nothing for at least a month. Ps I have a pretty good idea why I was flagged. I'm just waiting to find out how they vote.
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