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  1. How early can a person submit for renewal? I have 9 months.
  2. It's true. The privilege is yours for only $2999 a year.
  3. Take on some cases yes! Make that God given right absolutely "bullet proof" until the end of time! Sick of the crazy swings every time parties change.
  4. I ride my bike on a park district, asphalt path almost every day during the riding season. The path begins off of a public street and empties into a public street. As far as I know, it is just a "pass through" and I am completely legal to carry.
  5. Used to make the trip from the Rockford area to Cabela's in Hoffman Estates, but now there is no reason as I agree about diminishing quality. It's a shame a town the size of Rockford can't keep a real sportsman store. I will NOT set foot in Dicks and all they have anyway is overpriced Under Armor crap.
  6. If Kydex, you cannot go wrong with a Vedder Light Tuck. Both of mine fit the pistols absolutely perfect and their service is top notch. I did order a We the People holster when they were a pretty new company. The holster was nice and service good. Maybe they got too busy and are having iseeues.
  7. Already sold out. My goodness are weapons sales soaring!
  8. If you are LE/EMT/Military, etc.. Sportsman outdoor superstore has the Springfield Hellcat for $439. That's a heck of a good price and they never last long. Great Folks out of Ohio. https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/228084/hc9319bx/springfield-hellcat-9mm-black-micro-compact-pistol-(le)
  9. Hirono had to vote "heck No". We better pray these people do not seize any more power than they have already. Retaliation is the word of the day.
  10. Exp date 02/2018 - renewal date 11/13/2018 Active Date 12/06/2018 Only 23 days from start to finish
  11. Wife just checked her status and it is "Under review". Not too worried as we know it was because she had to update her FOID to show her middle initial. Our question is, how much delay this could mean? Not a huge deal, but after spending hundreds of $$, waiting an exceptionally long time stinks.
  12. I wondered about that too. Whatever is easiest, least expensive, but most importantly won't delay her CCL.
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