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  1. Travesty that we have to consider the best route to ousting Porkster. Same crap the dems did to get rid of Trump. Bailey seems and acts like someone who cares. Irvin talks the talk and checks other boxes. I don't trust him. Sullivan is probably a great man, but the game is too dirty for Richie Cunningham. Bailey
  2. Dang it, I looked for a thread, but not in the back room as that is reserved for memes lol. I'll be sure to not carry my blue training pistol...
  3. I am not bothered by this, just puzzled why it surfaced several years later.
  4. If it is intended for Vendors/employees, is it valid? There should be an explanation by policy, not some mysterious sign. As far as not asking questions, I want them to do it right if that is what they have decided to do. That way they can lose customers like myself.
  5. Thanks for the replies. We rarely shop there and I would ignore this sign. The Wife has to occasionally work there and noticed the new signs. I told her to ask the manager what those funny blue Smurf gun signs mean. She has good rapport with them so it should be interesting.
  6. My Wife is a merchandiser and noticed new signs at 2 Meijers in the Rockford area. I told her that they are not compliant with the State's requirements. Never been an issue at any Meijers before. Why at this point would they decide to post signs like this? Do they hold any weight at all?
  7. Thanks. I figured something like that since CCL is printed on it. I should be fine unless Barney Fife looks at it. For clarity's sake, what happens when my CCL expires next year? This is really dumb.
  8. My new FOID has the CCL printed in the upper, right corner, but at the bottom it also says, "This does not authorize the carrying of a concealed weapon" Is that just a standard statement on all of them?
  9. Well, they must have raised the price already as cash/check now says $679
  10. Oh Man, I want one! MSRP $699 Will we find them at that price? Looks like Brownells is $679 when available.
  11. Wife just checked her status and it is "Under review". Not too worried as we know it was because she had to update her FOID to show her middle initial. Our question is, how much delay this could mean? Not a huge deal, but after spending hundreds of $$, waiting an exceptionally long time stinks.
  12. I wondered about that too. Whatever is easiest, least expensive, but most importantly won't delay her CCL.
  13. OK thanks, I thought $80 was crazy to add a middle initial to FOID.
  14. My Wife is wrapping up her 2nd day off CCL class and is at the range right now. Her instructor noticed today that her FOID does not have her middle initial like her DL does. Hopefully it does not delay getting her CCL, but the real shocker is that Illinois wants an $80 processing fee to change this! Am I seeing things? That is multiple times more than the FOID costs! Shouldn't they have caught this when processing her FOID years a go? What a sham. I'm proud of her for spending 16 hours this weekend and getting her CCL. The class was 38 strong which is nice to see.
  15. Non Instructor Applied 1/2 w/prints Approved 2/28 Mailed 3/1 Received 3/5 Rockford area
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