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  1. Gives statistics for FOID, CCL and FTIP. Check it out. https://isp.illinois.gov/Foid/Statistics
  2. I found this on a facebook group discussing instructors giving short classes. It is enough to drive you nuts. Where do these instructors dream these ideas up? This is what makes us look bad. Quote: "the State makes instructors send in a curriculum of what they plan to teach . It gets approved by the State . We have to follow that curriculum . As long as we teach everything on the curriculum we do not have to do the EXACT 16 hours . If I have 5 students in a class rather than 20 students it goes faster . For instance range time takes less time depending on how many students I have . It also depends if you own the range or if you have to travel to a range . Thats why the State says the main thing is that you must follow a curriculum and teach everything in the curriculum . When someone loses their license for non sufficient hours it's usually because they didn't bother to teach much of anything ." Unquote. Amazing
  3. I am holding classes for George Parsons students this weekend in Spring Valley, no charge. There will be more classes next month. I know George and I don't know if he is guilty or not. I am doing this for the students, there are over 300. This stuff makes all of us look bad. If anyone wants to help please PM me.
  4. One of my students filed the new form. He had his new FOID card in 4 weeks.
  5. I have about 8-10 people who want to get the license but, they can't get past the 16 hours of training, too long. I think the 16 hours is the biggest roadblock that keeps a lot of them from getting the license.
  6. Woot, went active today. Appliied 5/5 with prints Active 6/5 Mailbox watching commences tomorrow.
  7. You mean applied jan 21 I presume? No Feb. 21. He took the training late January. Then he went to RKA guns in Plano to get printed in the second week of Feb. Then the next week we put his application up.
  8. I helped a friend put his application up on Feb. 21 with prints. He got it in the mail today March 5. That is 45 days.
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