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  1. I have a USCCA instructor course April 23 and 24. The course qualifies you to apply with the State police to teach concealed carry. Questions email reelpro52@gmail.com
  2. I am hosting a free Illinois CCL Renewal Class in Plano April 2nd. email reelpro52@gmail.com
  3. I am giving a free renewal class on April 2nd in Plano, If that date doesn't work I give one on one renewal classes most Saturdays. Email reelpro52@gmail.com
  4. Terry Lumma plead guilty to providing false certificate, class A Misdemeanor. Sentenced to one year probation and must pay fines and restitution $4804. The forgery felony was dismissed by motion from the state.
  5. Gives statistics for FOID, CCL and FTIP. Check it out. https://isp.illinois.gov/Foid/Statistics
  6. I found this on a facebook group discussing instructors giving short classes. It is enough to drive you nuts. Where do these instructors dream these ideas up? This is what makes us look bad. Quote: "the State makes instructors send in a curriculum of what they plan to teach . It gets approved by the State . We have to follow that curriculum . As long as we teach everything on the curriculum we do not have to do the EXACT 16 hours . If I have 5 students in a class rather than 20 students it goes faster . For instance range time takes less time depending on how many students I have . It also depends if you own the range or if you have to travel to a range . Thats why the State says the main thing is that you must follow a curriculum and teach everything in the curriculum . When someone loses their license for non sufficient hours it's usually because they didn't bother to teach much of anything ." Unquote. Amazing
  7. I am holding classes for George Parsons students this weekend in Spring Valley, no charge. There will be more classes next month. I know George and I don't know if he is guilty or not. I am doing this for the students, there are over 300. This stuff makes all of us look bad. If anyone wants to help please PM me.
  8. I have about 8-10 people who want to get the license but, they can't get past the 16 hours of training, too long. I think the 16 hours is the biggest roadblock that keeps a lot of them from getting the license.
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