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  1. Congratulations, JMS! And welcome! Enjoy maximum liberty at all times. - Max
  2. Under normal circumstances ISP is required to approve the FOID in 30 days, correct? If so, the FAQ almost certainly refers to the normal 30 day window, plus mailing time. It seems to me that the popup message is clearly what we need to follow in the situation discussed in this thread (assuming your FOID status has changed to "Active" when you check online, that is.) -Max
  3. Hey Greg, Very good! I was wondering whether yours printed as well. Mine was also issued on June 23. I hope their repaired printer didn't break down after probably becoming red-hot from marathon printing sessions, lol. Max
  4. My new FOID arrived today! Ten years will cover me until I escape this state. Don't give up, folks. As noted, consider contacting them if it's been two weeks after going active, but you have no card in hand. Max
  5. I went through the automated menu as well -- pushed a few buttons indicating that I had a question about FOID renewal. To my surprise the phone started ringing, and I was put on hold for a while. Maybe it disconnects you if they're hopelessly behind, who knows? Don't give up! - Max
  6. Angelasdad: Contact number given on IL Firearm Applicant Portal: 217-782-7980 Lilguy: I would suggest logging in and checking your status. Mine shows as Active, and Issued 4/6/2021. What caught my eye was that it appeared to have been approved and printed two months ago, but I never received it.
  7. Well, I didn't expect to reach them by phone if I simply stayed on line while in an easy chair, but I just got off the phone with ISP. The key phrase here is "batch number." The ISP rep didn't see a batch number for my card, meaning that my card has not yet been printed. She said they had a machine problem (due to the number of cards they've been printing, the machine broke down), and a bunch of cards will have to be reprinted. She added me to the reprint list again just to be sure I get one. So.... try calling them if you have time. Custodian7138, my card was active as of April 6, so perhaps your card is in the same situation. Incidentally, I realize this thread belongs in the Licensing Process forum, so moderators, feel free to relocate it. I do think this is a useful data point for anyone whose new FOID was not printed early April. Max
  8. Good Afternoon all, I checked my FOID status online, and to my surprise, it says "Issued" in early April. I haven't received the physical card yet. ?? Is it likely lost in the mail, or how long should I give them to get the card to me? Thanks all, Max
  9. Absolutely yes, in my carry revolvers. Generally I carry Winchester PDX1 .38 Special +P in my SP101 or 637 Airweight, though sometimes the Airweight gets 110 grain +P Critical Defense loads. If outdoors in areas with large critters, Buffalo Bore .38 Outdoorsman loads in my SP101. I've never bothered searching out +P loads for autoloaders; my number one priority with semiautos is reliability. Max
  10. This is an excellent point concerning local ordinances for items not covered by preemption in state law. E.G. for knives, you may carry most knives most places per Illinois state law, but there are numerous city ordinances that can be a nasty surprise for the unwary. -Max
  11. This is not really accurate. Please, everyone, research and read the relevant laws.
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