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  1. You would think after all the big delays last year they would be properly staffed by now. I had a friend who applied in April and got his in 2 1/2 weeks.
  2. hiring a contractor one time to make it more efficient means that state employees won't be paid to do the job manually. and what politician is going to say no to creating gov jobs? Well, that's a damn good way to stunt innovation. Think about what the world would be like if people still did banking manually. Would you go back to the old way just for the fact more bankers were employed?
  3. I probably would never file suit. I wouldn't be able to afford it anyway, unless I could find a lawyer to do it pro bono. I just love to think hypothetically. ...but why would I file suit? I don't have the time to list off my reasoning.
  4. Quick q: Does any law prevent me from filing suit against the ISP for not following their own protocol? I mean, seriously, I can get an auto-generated background check on anyone in the world within a matter of seconds yet it takes nearly 2 months to get my FOID? It blows my mind that in this day and age the ISP can't hire a couple of developers for the whole damn system. I should be able to apply online and find out if I'm eligible within a matter of seconds!
  5. What a joke. I called in and apparently I wasn't even in the "main" system. They had to look me up in the alternate system and they said my application is in "processing" status. I asked if my background check had been completed and this lady was clueless.
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