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  1. Attention: CCL and FOID card holders seeking renewal. Changes to the FOID and FCCL Acts that took effect January 1, 2022, and rules adopted implementing these changes, require FOID and FCCL cardholders to submit renewal applications prior to the expiration of their card to remain valid. Additionally, while the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation in response to the COVID 19 pandemic remains in effect, if a cardholder submits a renewal application after the expiration date of the card, their expired card will be reset to valid while the application is processed so long as the FOID Card is not subject to revocation pursuant to the provisions of Section 8 or Section 8.2 of the FOID Act or the FCCL is not subject to revocation pursuant to the provisions of Section 70 of the FCCL Act. The ISP Firearms Services Bureau encourages FOID cardholders and CCL holders to keep a copy of their confirmation from their submitted renewal application as additional verification of compliance. Note: After expiration portion. One would only have to submit renewal and refresher course cert. as I have been told numerous times by ISP.
  2. I believe this addresses the question more accurately. See Below
  3. Just was notified that all new FOID applications from this date forward are being processed in the 30 day statutory window. Turnarounds on new FOID's should be 30 days or less. They will now work on the CCL renewals with prints and once that bucket is compliant they will tackle the CCL with out prints. Rapid progress being made due to several factors. Many folks who have been waiting on long FOID delays should see those cards arriving very soon.
  4. If you have just renewed your CCL you should already have an account with ISP. Use that user name and password to log in and then renew FOID.
  5. Since you are 6 mos from renewal the renewal button will not be active. Usually is is not active until within 90 days. However, as of Jan 1 , I suspect they will convert to the new 6 mos prior renewal for all FOID. I would check again early Jan to see if renewal button appears. Normally you would not get the renewal letter this far in advance but perhaps the new parameters are catching up in the system. All dashboards are now showing the same message yours has and you cannot proceed with renewal until the button is active, your status will then change to under review after you complete application and pay. Hope this helps. Also remember you are under the Covid ext during all of this as well.
  6. This is an error in the recently revamped application process. They are working on a fix and expect it shortly. If the Renew button is there go ahead and click and you should be able to continue with the application. Effective Jan1, 2022 with the implementation of the FOId Modernization act you will be allowed to renew up to 6 mos prior to expiration.
  7. You could start here. https://isp.illinois.gov/StaticFiles/docs/FirearmsSafety/Checklists/Final Checklists/FOID Records Challenge Requirements Checklist.pdf
  8. Even when the possession is for for criminal activities? This is not for new criminalization of gun possession. This bill is to make sure those that are convicted of gun charges serve time for there crimes. I must be missing something here.
  9. Could you explain your reasoning to being opposed to HB 4190. Curious and thank you.
  10. USCCA MAGAZINE LIMITS FOR HANDGUNS? Does Illinois have magazine capacity restrictions for handguns? No. Although local municipalities imposed magazine limits in the past, the state now has preemption for all handgun laws and has no magazine limits.
  11. Missed the out of state part. Bubbacs is correct, no FOID need for out of state residents. Its only residents of Illinois that the State seems to think need special permission.
  12. Each range has their own policy about requiring FOID cards to shoot. ISP says a FOID IS NOT required to shoot on an ISP recognized range. We require one person on a lane to have a valid FOID if they transported a firearm to the range. As far as loaning an firearm to a friend while under your supervision, I would have no problem with that and I have not seen anything in the statute that would prevent that as long as the other person was not restricted from having a FOID card, no felonies or other disqualifiers.
  13. Molly, I have never seen the 10 year address requirement for a FOID renewal or ILCC Renewal. I believe the 10 year address request is only on the ILCC and FOID initial.
  14. you will have to contact ISP and get them to re set the account. It will not clear on its own. This is can be causes by phone background noise if you attempted to do by phone. ISP is aware of this issue and working on it. Best bet would probably be an e mail to ISP articulating the problem and prepare to wait.
  15. Now that the ATF has recognized a Concealed Carry as a background check for firearm purchases ( in South Dakota) I have an idea. Lets do the same for Illinois and let the CCL license replace the Foid for instant background check and not require the 72 cooling off period Illinois require for gun purchases, for CCL holders. They may have one on their hip as they fill out the paper work so it it pointless. Now you have eliminated the FOID card for close to 400,000 folks and given them the ability to purchase and receive a firearm instantly, as it is in most other states. At the very least the ISP could do away with the NICS portion of the approval process. One card, one renewal, and streamlined approval process. Seem like a winner to me and much more efficient.
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