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  1. All ammo purchases and gun purchases have to be run through the ISP portal for verification. an expired card should not be a problem. Out of state purchases may be a different issue as they are not familiar with the IL procedures. I assume you do not have a CCL License.
  2. That is the date your card was sent to printing. Your expiration date of CCL if 5 years from that date and FOID is 10 years from that date. When you renew the CCL the foid will be good for another 10 years.
  3. Correct! The reson for all this is to prevent those with a revoked or suspended Foid from purchasing ammo after the revocation. Several hundred people are running around with revoked FO ID and did not turn them in, Imagine ! As always, the law abiding are the ones who must pay the price. Price being major inconvenience in this case.
  4. We have been appointed a "Force Multiplier" with ISP and that gives us the privilege of working closely with folks who have the answers. WE do a very large amount of CCL and FOID cards assistance here at our shop and the working relationship with ISP is one we value very much and try to never abuse. When one sees the commitment and hard work being done by ISP you have to respect them regardless of your feeling or thoughts on the FOID card. Remember the legislature dictated the system and they are the ones who have to make it work as best it will.

  5. The King: I got back with ISP this morning. Both the FOID and CCL renew button will be active if they expire together. Renew FOID only and CCL will go ahead and expire. If you like you may mail the CCL to ISP and they will remove it from the system but not necessary. I also checked on the auto renewal of the FOID as per gun purchase or back ground check and fingerprints on file with ISP is a requirement for auto renewal of the FOID. Hope this helps.
  6. Just spoke with ISP regarding this matter. I will TRY to explain what I think I know. All FOIDS expiring prior to CCL expiration were extended to match CCL expiration. All FOIDS expiring after CCL renewal date were left alone and will still auto extend until next CCL renewal date. The FOID and CCL will never be in sync as the CCL is for 5 years and FOID for 10. Every time you renew your CCL the FOID is extended for another 10. However, starting next year each time you purchase a firearm or get a background check run your FOID will extend for another 10 years. These extensions cost nothing and require nothing on your part. If at any point you do not renew your CCL, you will receive a renewal notice 10 years from you last CCL renewal or 10 years after your last firearm purchase. Does this make sense?
  7. As I understand it King is a follows. Your FOID will renew with CCL but it is still on a 10 years cycle. It will renew for an additional 10 years each time you renew your CCL. If you do not renew your CCL the FOID portion of the card will still be good for an additional 5 years. Six months prior to FOID expiration you will receive notice to renew FOID via e-mail and snail mail at which your FOID renew button will be available. Hopes this makes sense!
  8. When you renew your ccl with a class your FOID will auto renew with no effort or cost on your part. One of the only advantages of the new system.
  9. Unfortunately that is a problem that can't be fixed. They will catch up eventually and you will get the combo card. I know of no short cuts for that.
  10. The FOID card and CCL are now a computer based system within the ISP data base. Any new card/cards you receive will have no expiration dates. All stores and ranges are now required to check the data base to sale you guns or ammo to determine validity. obviously those you are dealing with don't seem to be keeping up to date with all of the new procedures of ISP.
  11. FOID has to be verified for Firearm or ammo purchase. The E Card does nothing more than provide a FOID # for them to check as there is no printed EXP date on the FOID. This whole system is designed so if ISP suspends or revokes a FOID it will no longer valid and all Dealers have to check for validity on the ISP portal. This will prevent someone from purchasing Ammo with a revoked or suspended FOID. Firearm purchases already required a valid FOID check from ISP.
  12. That is the 64 $ question. Some ammo suppliers are checking the ISP web site for exp. as IL dealers are now required to do.
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