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  1. Sound Guy, Just checked my status of CCL Renewal and still show under review with 82 days to go. I will be keeping an eye on it to see if required to submit Renewal cert. like many others. Nothing back from ISP as of today. Dan
  2. I just recently renewed my CCL. I am a ISP certified instructor first certified within days of application process being opened. My renewal did not request a renewal cert as I checked the ISP certified instructor box and provided my CCT number. Paid and all seems well. However, I have seen some reporting that I will get a request for Renewal Training Cert. in coming days. Called ISP about discrepancy and the issue has ben brought to their attention and expecting clarification on this subject soon. I will share info here when it arrives. There is no place to submit CCL renewal cert on my renewal application. And from comments here I would agree there seems to be a discrepancy between early instructors and more recent certified instructors CCL renewals.
  3. Glad I started early Tim. Thanks for the additional info.
  4. I just now renewed my CCL on line. I am CCL instructor. Simple process that took less than two minutes. Check the box that your ARE a ISP certified CCL Instructor and then asked for my CCT number and proceeded with out any requests for any other documents besides my pic. Payment completed. I Had Not expired. Hope this helps.
  5. If you are in Central Illinois we offer the 8 hour classes separately and you can split weekends.
  6. Make certain when you get to the ID portion you have selected State ID and NOT IL DL.
  7. They are trying to verify her ID. It will only crosscheck the Illinois data base for a IL DL or IL ID. We will have to have the iL ID to apply. Sorry.
  8. I agree Molly, I was told by ISP that once you have a CCL it can be renewed with a 3 hour renewal class at any point after expiration. We have done a small amount of apps this way and was accepted on the portal.
  9. Color Macon County Red. The Sheriff, Jim Root just issued this statement and the Macon County Board will vote on a proclamation tonight at there regular meeting.
  10. While that is exactly the intent of this Todd It will take an organization to enable and promote. I believe the framework is in place but lacks a unified structure to organize and promote. Ideas Sir?
  11. We need to devise and promote a mechanism for this Molly. Ideas?
  12. Greeting All: This seems like a good place to get this started. Pertaining to 5855 bill proposed to pass in January. The odds in getting 14 Democrats to break party lines is a huge task. However, we may have part of the mechanism in place already. The sanctuary county movement looks like a logical place to start. Remind each County of their resolution. I would then recommend we use that mechanism too organize all County State attorney's, county boards presidents, sheriff's, local PD's to issue a joint statement re affirming each county proclamation that law enforcement will not enforce and county will not prosecute any of the 5855 firearms unconstitutional prevision of this law. Thoughts?
  13. All ammo purchases and gun purchases have to be run through the ISP portal for verification. an expired card should not be a problem. Out of state purchases may be a different issue as they are not familiar with the IL procedures. I assume you do not have a CCL License.
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