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  1. Would be nice if the FOID law clearly stated that reasons for denials or revocations must be explained immediately by the ISP at the moment they act.
  2. When will Biden’s secret service detail trust a smart gun? I can’t count how many times I have wanted to use my phone on a moments notice and it “locks” me out. Enter passcode…
  3. Let’s see. A moment of crisis comes on a Saturday evening. All FFLs are going to be closed or a good drive away. If we simply eliminated the FOID and waiting period anyone (not just a veteran) could hand their firearms to a trusted friend for safekeeping on Saturday night… Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. 😀
  4. Sorry... I misread that as The Senate is in recess for circuses 🙄🤡🤡
  5. Why are the anti’s panties in a wad over Tannerite? It seem to be a growing “target” of them.
  6. Dear ISP, My “Assault weapon” data is not centralized. I will not be able to provide you a with a list of make/type/ serial numbers. Thank you. Mr. Law Abiding citizen
  7. How does one go from a freshman to Minority Leader in three years? I thought seniority was usually part of these positions.
  8. “Broad bipartisan support” = passing a solid Democrat house with a TWO vote margin. And 7 positive votes from republicrats like “my” representative John Porter (Mark Kirk’s “mentor”) IE - many more Democrats voted against the bill than Republicans voted for it!!
  9. I consider an AR-15 in the home to be a good “violence interrupter”. Home invasion — Violence interrupted!!
  10. You might try Brownells. I don’t live in Chicago, but I do live in Crook County. 🙁 Midway won’t ship magazines, but Brownells does understand the law and will ship to Cook. Ammo too.
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