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  1. Is the “drug addict” prohibition in the origial text of the Gun Control Act of 1968? or was that prohibibitor added later on, perhaps during the drug war hysteria of the 70’s and 80’s?
  2. Hi Stech, welcome. A clarification on magazine capacities: You can own any size magazine for use at home or on the range. The 15 round limit is only for for concealed carry or transporting loaded magazines. also, once you are an Illinois resident you will no longer be able to buy or import new magazines over 15 rounds. So bring all you can when you move in.
  3. what is this altered form? Gun store employees don’t modify or create “federal firearms forms”. I googled and all I could find was the original article.
  4. The guy in the bag certainly must have heatstroke. His skin is quite pale!
  5. We cancel stamps. Why don’t we simply cancel the legislative session!
  6. Isn’t their FAQ a contradiction to their “public hearings” where they refused to answer questions and said “we don’t provide legal advice - go read the law yourself”?
  7. I kind of seem to remember, way back in school, being taught how the Stasi encouraged their citizens to turn in their family members and neighbors…
  8. I thought ATFium melted at 4473 degrees.
  9. At what temperature does my Glock melt?? 🙁🙁
  10. Beale Street - Is this GFZ statutory or just “private property” with wanding?
  11. whaaaat?? How many politicians and or newscasters have said that “salty” weapons can fire 900 rounds in ONE minute (or second…). 🙄🙄
  12. I always thought that “innocent until proven guilty (convicted) was a CORE concept in the American legal system.* * note - second amendment rights excluded 🙄
  13. I have a friend that bought one of the smaller Springfield compacts in 45. The new one back in 2015 ish. I have shot it, and although I normally shoot 9mm, I do agree that 45 does feel less “snappy” than 9mm.
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