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  1. Awesome, thanks for the fast response! Question - if the database check shows the renewal status, should I be carrying this renewal application around with me?
  2. I'm now almost at 270 days since I applied for my renewal, and the expiration date on my card was back in February. When the ISP will get to my renewal is anyone's guess. Has anyone had to deal with the police while carrying with a card that is expired on its face? I'm concerned about an interaction where I get jammed up b/c the card indicates it is expired. My instructor told us to carry with our renewal application, but I am nervous about an over zealous officer from one of this state's less gun friendly areas.
  3. I'd say that the fact that there is legislation pending in the general assembly to attempt to nullify these efforts show that the sanctuary movement is working! It might be petty, but I love that this is getting under the skin of these rabid gun grabbers.
  4. Thanks! Thought I would summarize current state of some counties based on bits and pieces I have read. So there is Schuyler and Marion county to vote in August. https://www.facebook.com/Marion-county-IL-sanctuary-For-Law-Abiding-Gun-Owners-2019215421738808/ McDonough has passed committee and waiting for full vote. August also I would guess. Adams and Greene are reported to have already passed. Calhoun reported to vote this upcoming week. Looks like more green on its way to the map. ETA: Also read that Jo Daviess might make another attempt to get past the tie vote Much like that old fast food tagline, I'm loving it!
  5. This is great stuff, thanks to all who have gotten involved and made their voices heard
  6. Good stuff, time to get in their wallets! I'd love to see a couple hundred thousand dollar check cut by Deer-field....
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