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  1. The hand wringing some board members are doing with regard to this is sad. The local unit of government is the best way to represent the people and see that they receive equal protection under the Constitution. If no hand wringing was done in places that provide cover for those who don't respect our immigration laws and procedures, then why should there be any for a righteous cause that looks to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens against government tyranny?
  2. IOW, blah blah blah, we don care if state law violates your rights or the US Constitution
  3. Hi Rusty! Have you met Dale Gribble yet? Seriously, welcome aboard! Glad to have you!
  4. You would need to download a free Excel viewer--something like this (I haven't tried it, because I have an old version of Microsoft Office, but it should work). Thanks Superman, that did the trick
  5. does anyone know how to open this without having to buy anything?
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