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  1. Liberal run states will continue to pass unconstitutional laws that they KNOW are unconstitutional because it will take YEARS for them to be corrected, and in the meantime everyone in the state has to play by their rules - which are unconstitutional. There is no repercussions for the states to continue doing exactly what they're doing now. In blue states I'd expect this to get worse before it gets better. I think it's safe to say most on this forum didn't vote for the politicians passing this legislation, but the majority in your state did, so .....
  2. to borrow a line from the movie "Shooter" "The law is whatever I SAY it is."
  3. I'm not a lawyer - but since the building is privately owned, I would think the owner could allow firearms on premises just as anyone would in their home to visitors. If that isn't possible, the owner could designate the building something other than a school - since no children are present for school - (warehouse, church, etc) on those days services are held. School desks in a building does not make it a school any more than school desks in my house make my house a school.
  4. Consider - It's a felony to have an assembled SBR without the approval ($200) from the ATF to have one. The ATF has an "amnesty" period you can register your AR pistol as an SBR by sending them a photo of your firearm (as well as other information) Let's say the 120 day amnesty period expires and you do not have "approval" from the ATF for your AR pistol. You now have provided proof - picture, serial #, etc - to the ATF that you posses a fully assembled SBR yet you have no authorization to possess it. As the law is written, you're a felon. Does anyone trust the ATF will not come after those that have provided proof they are in possession of an unauthorized SBR?
  5. Washington Gun law often covers the complete distain Illinois has for its citizens 2A rights. Washington Gun Law
  6. This is good ... as long as you're in Faulkner county. Outside of Faulkner you're a felon. We can't have laws at make it harder to be a legally armed citizen.
  7. The sooner someone files a lawsuit, and another stupid Illinois law is overturned, the sooner your lives can return to normal.
  8. TRJ - you're over thinking this - You can't revoke an existing CCL in a state you're a resident in because my FOID card expires in IL. of which I am no longer a resident. Further, there is no requirement for a former resident of the state of IL to cancel, or surrender a FOID. As a current non-resident, making the proper identification of my new residence, the card is no longer valid as soon as you are no longer a resident. Illinois ability to control your life with firearms expires when you wave bye-bye and cross state lines with all your worldly belongings never to return. IL can tax and harass whomever they like, it will not be those of us that have left the state.
  9. TRJ - I moved to Tennessee and did nothing with my IL cards. Threw them in a box I think. Have no plans of ever moving back, but if you did and your card is still active, it would save you the process of getting another. (If they let you apply in the future because of any new laws they come up with.) I see no reason to tell IL anything, leave and don't look back.
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