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  1. OR ... you could move to a free state, like many of us have, (as soon as you have the opportunity) that doesn't subject its residents to "if this, then that" rules that are all "gotchas"
  2. Sounds like he wasn't prepared for what might happen when he decided to get involved. agree with Jim123 and Euler
  3. Illinois isn't JUST inept, it's a purposeful delay to make it more difficult for gun owners
  4. Thats because Illinois has a bunch of elected officials that don't represent the people that live in Illinois. They represent Washington DC.
  5. I retired and left Illinois in 2019 for Tennessee. If I could have done it sooner I would have. Illinois one party rule, endless escalating taxes, anti-gun, and legislative red tape for everything was all part of my decision. The weather, less taxes, less congestion, and a state population that is amiable and polite to each other, are additional reasons. I love it here. I tell friends and family, "I wasn't born here, but this is home" Illinois will continue to be run by corrupt left wing politicians. Although it's a nice dream, Chicago and cook county will never be "walled off". the citizens in the rest of the state are paying for the crime and corruption in Chicago, they'll never allow it.
  6. I'd say it's at least a step closer to constitutional carry. Politicians like to call these bills "constitutional carry" when in fact they're close, but not quite. Bills that only apply to handguns for example are not true constitutional carry. States that continue to allow "gun free zones" exist, are not constitutional carry. States that have vague language identifying loaded and unloaded restrictions are not constitutional carry. I applaud each state for passing what they did, but personally I wouldn't call (some of) them constitutional carry. Close, but not quite. As an earlier poster said, states like IL, MA, NY, NJ ... they'll never get close to anything remotely resembling constitutional carry.
  7. TRJ - you're over thinking this - You can't revoke an existing CCL in a state you're a resident in because my FOID card expires in IL. of which I am no longer a resident. Further, there is no requirement for a former resident of the state of IL to cancel, or surrender a FOID. As a current non-resident, making the proper identification of my new residence, the card is no longer valid as soon as you are no longer a resident. Illinois ability to control your life with firearms expires when you wave bye-bye and cross state lines with all your worldly belongings never to return. IL can tax and harass whomever they like, it will not be those of us that have left the state.
  8. TRJ - I moved to Tennessee and did nothing with my IL cards. Threw them in a box I think. Have no plans of ever moving back, but if you did and your card is still active, it would save you the process of getting another. (If they let you apply in the future because of any new laws they come up with.) I see no reason to tell IL anything, leave and don't look back.
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