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"Fact-Checking Slow Joe"

springfield shooter

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Via the blog "Powerline".


"Is this another sign that the Democrats are preparing to move on from Joe Biden in 2024? I don’t know, but CNN’s newfound willingness to fact-check Biden seems significant. Here, CNN finds that pretty much everything Biden says about firearms, among other things, is wrong:....."



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Wow!  Pleasantly surprised to see this.  One step in the right direction, with much, much more fact checking to go.  With the source never seeming to end his stream of untruths, it could be a full-time job.  One article does not make up for all the other bits ignored and reported time and time again.


It would be great if the cannon nonsense (people couldn’t own them) was addressed and the fact that both cannons and warships were in private hands during the forming of the constitution was widely known.


If this is the first baby step in the right direction, I will gladly take it.  Skeptical that more fact checking will follow but we will see!

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