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Naperville city hall hosting gun control training this Saturday


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This could be good. They say interactive. May we have the chance to speak too?



Only anti-gunner's voices will be heard.


Not if you yell loud enough ...

So I guess I should bring the wife too then.


Be loud if you’re able to speak but also be respectful. You’ll probably get thrown out. Get it on video. Could use it......

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Ok, so here’s the scoop



-An 8th grader (and IL Director of MFOL) local to Naperville reached out to the city to rent a room at city hall

-he had to get a check ($30) from MFOL to pay the city

-check came from someone who actually works for them, a Kentucky native who is studying at DePaul in Chicago

-person that works for them is also the vice chair of Young Democrats of America

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