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  1. Im glad ill be moving to a constitutional carry state soon.
  2. I applied three months before my CCL expired and it took over a year to receive. MY FOID expired in March 21 so I renewed in October 20 and still haven't received a new card. ITS ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL anyways.
  3. I renewed my CCL in Feb 2019. I just went active this week.
  4. https://www.wifr.com/content/news/Cabello-files-bill-to-repeal-Foid-Card-Act-566962871.html
  5. I renewed my license over the phone in February 2019 because of login issues. I still haven't received my CCL license. I was then sent a paper application in February to fill out and return. I filled it out that afternoon and mailed it back to ISP the following morning. 7 Months went by without receiving my CCL license. So I finally spoke to someone at ISP in August 2019 after 100 phone calls attempts/hangups. The lady on phone said they never received my application in February so either the ISP lost it or the post office did. I mailed 1st application in February to the ISP and sent another in August 2019 the same day I received the application I mailed it back to the ISP.Well I'm still waiting this is absolutely ridiculous process.Then they wonder why everyone is fleeing this unorganized state.
  6. https://newschannel20.com/news/local/thousands-of-revoked-foid-cards-unaccounted-for Pritzkers way of gun control.
  7. Wife applied 01/28/2017 w/o prints, in hand 5/2/2017 in Chicago.
  8. Me too. I did the email trick a couple days ago and went QC_Verified yesterday. My wifes went QC VERIFIED, APPROVED 3 days after application was submitted then after about 4 weeks was just QC verified and that where she is at now. Good luck
  9. No need to be sorry. My wife submitted her application 1/28/2017 without that's why I asked.
  10. Not to worry criminals and gang bangers don't carry a FOID.
  11. The only time you can carry a gun legally at 18 is to fight these wars the banksters and politicians create.
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