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  1. The police officers need to remember they swore an OATH to the constitution and not to unconstitutional laws created by Prickster.
  2. If true ship all orders with other carriers FUPS
  3. Seized & Destroyed ? Obama/Biden gathering guns for FAST & FURIOUS PART 2
  4. I renewed my CCL in Feb 2019. I just went active this week.
  5. https://www.wifr.com/content/news/Cabello-files-bill-to-repeal-Foid-Card-Act-566962871.html
  6. https://newschannel20.com/news/local/thousands-of-revoked-foid-cards-unaccounted-for Pritzkers way of gun control.
  7. Wife applied 01/28/2017 w/o prints, in hand 5/2/2017 in Chicago.
  8. Me too. I did the email trick a couple days ago and went QC_Verified yesterday. My wifes went QC VERIFIED, APPROVED 3 days after application was submitted then after about 4 weeks was just QC verified and that where she is at now. Good luck
  9. No need to be sorry. My wife submitted her application 1/28/2017 without that's why I asked.
  10. Not to worry criminals and gang bangers don't carry a FOID.
  11. The only time you can carry a gun legally at 18 is to fight these wars the banksters and politicians create.
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