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  1. *sigh* I guess I am not renewing...
  2. SCOTUS will back this. Trumps so-called appointees already screwed the pooch, on hearing voter fraud cases, why would this be any different.
  3. I have the same concern, going to the range get pulled over are you covered even though CCL and FOID numbers match.
  4. Do many of you carry both on you or do you leave the FOID in the Gun Safe at home?
  5. I notice my FOID and CCL has expiration date of COVID-19 - When all this done and over everyones FOID and CCL will most likely expired when converting back to original expiration date. I can see this happening..
  6. Nice to know they are not even playing favorites, but still you think they would process the LEO renewals pdq.
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