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FOID change of address/name form OR moving out of state

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To submit a request for address or name change on your FOID, you must submit the request online




or you may also request a name/address change by calling 217/782-7980 for the call-in alternative application. The fee for the name or address change is $5.


If you are moving out of state, the ISP requires FOID and CCLs to be returned to the ISP and it is suggested they be mailed using a signed receipt on delivery service:


Illinois State Police

Firearms Services Bureau

801 South 7th Street

Suite 400-M

Springfield, IL 62703

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According to the FAQ page on the Illinois State Police page, the replacement cost is $10.00 plus a $1.00 service charge. That is the same as the charges for getting the card initially now.

A name or address change to the FOID card costs $5.00.


It seems that if it had been raised that much, we would have heard about it and there would have been a lot of discussion here.

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The Secretary of State only allows Barrington for your town even when you live in one of the other ones. Lake Barrington, North Barrington, Barrington Hills or South Barrington. You have to match with all the licenses so if you live in Barrington Hills they issue your license as Barrington.

Got my new drivers license and it would not let me put the actual Lake Barrington I now live in. They all come out of the same post office so thats the default, Barrington. So I put the same address that the Sec of State auto generates for my new gun cards. Hope this works.

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My FOID went active 10/2, then my CCl was denied because of the use of periods after abbreviations. Then my FOID active status changed to 10/15 with my CCL under review again. Yesterday my FOID active status changed again to 10/17 and my CCL active 10/18.

What the hey!!! is going on with my cards? The DMV would not allow me to put the actual town I live in even thought I showed Documents with the new town on it. Had to use town where post office delivers mail from. So my Drivers license and then my FOID and CCL will not have the exact town I live in on them even though I applied using the correct town.

Barrington is zip code 60010

Barrington Hills 60010

North Barrington 60010

Lake Barrington 60010

South Barrington 60010

Lake Barrington Shores 60010

DMV told me the default is to Barrington because that’s the Post Office that they all are connected to. If I ever get my cards, when approximately should I start looking in the mail for them? What a system.

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