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  1. The Ridge Gun Shop Herod, IL Closed permanently. Shawnee Gun Service Elizabethtown, IL Closed Permanently.
  2. Anyone know what's going on in Gallatin Co? They should be green as well!
  3. The sanctuaries are a pipe dream, they won't protect you from anything. Looks nice on paper but carries no weight in any legal fashion. If I'm wrong, tell me what these do? I'm in a gun sanctuary county. Any law only means something IF LE enforces it. If local officers turn a blind eye to say a magazine declared "unlawful" in your vehicle - the so called "law" means nothing and has lost it's perceived power. Is this legal - Dunno - not my call... Is not stopping a vehicle and issuing a citation for a tag light out illegal? Or ignoring a trailer with one tail light that doesn't work? LE makes "judgement calls" all the time...
  4. Needing our most current map for an interview this afternoon at 5:00 p.m. Is this it? Go Molly... GO!!
  5. Be advised that Hardin county is green on the map - but there's a "yes / no" vote concerning the resolution on the mid-term ballot. That said, I'm extremely confident it will pass - just leave it green. Probably just a ballot initiative.
  6. Who on the forum lives in Gallatin County? Could you please investigate the board's position?
  7. Agree - Any county South of Perry should be on that list.
  8. That is correct. The two databases do "co-operate" somewhat with each other and you cannot change name / address on one "permit" without changing the name / address on the other.
  9. I feel - well... dunno!! "Special"? The ISP likes me!! Phil was a good friend of mine. He had a bad year on his second tour. He was on the LRRP team RT Georgia - too many casualties and too many missions. I miss him too.
  10. OK - I have to eat some crow... Got my revised FOID card today (change of address) and it only took 23 days... The new card number has the same 8 digit number as my old card, but now has 14 preceding that number. In other words it has the same number now that my CCL card has. I ran a private transfer including the 14******** and it showed approved.
  11. Just check the status of my FOID / CCL address change. The FOID states - ACTIVE so should be getting my new card in 2 to 3 years... CCL - Still Under Review - I'd guess for local LE review and time to file an opposition.
  12. I changed my address as well. After I log into the ISP, it shows my new address at the top left of the page and the FOID (and CCL) are "Under Review" If your FOID has not expired, you can still buy a firearm / ammunition - but make sure you update your address with the DMV - Driver's license and all your registrations. No new card- yet, but when I run a private transfer it tells me I'm "APPROVED" I believe they are supposed to send you a new FOID (and CCL - if that applies) but it's probably going to take a while. If you call back, good luck getting in touch with a human being at that place!
  13. Gamma, I went ahead and researched some other sites and you are correct. Was just getting ready to post that. Thanks for the clarification and information!!!
  14. There's some confusing reciprocity with Alabama on the USCCA and USA Carry websites as far as if they will honor only an Illinois permit. USCCA states Alabama will NOT honor only an Illinois CCW. (Nor honor a non-resident permit from Florida) USA Carry states Alabama WILL honor an Illinois permit. Arkansas is a toss up!! FANTASTIC!! WE NEED NATIONAL RECIPROCITY!!!!
  15. We shop at WalMart - just go early to avoid the "strange" folks...
  16. Don't know what to tell you other than call them - and that's always lots of fun...
  17. Thanks for all the work you put into this! Much appreciated and very interesting!!
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