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  1. And a BIG thanks to those who worked so hard to make concealed carry happen in IL!
  2. Mine was in the mail today too! (No FOID though) Happy Happy Happy!...congrats to the rest of the 6/2 active group....Enjoy your new "privilege" and be safe!
  3. I got this response at 9:38: Your license should be on its way in the mail. You would just need to add zero's to the number. Our system give us room to grow. Respectfully, Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau Concealed Carry Unit I guess we'll see what's in the mailbox this afternoon...
  4. Just sent an inquiry via the ISP CCL page. According to their page, the 10 digit CCL# listed for me is invalid, and should be 13 digits...Not sure WTH is going on, hopefully I'll get some kind of response.
  5. Active afternoon of 6/2. Received letter dated 6/3 about FOID number change on Saturday 6/5. Still nothing here either.
  6. I'm in the same boat as you. Active 6/2, letter Saturday 6/6, nothing yet. The letter did say I would receive the new FOID within 5 days...
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