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  1. I never EVER thought I'd see CC in Illinois. Still don't believe it sometimes.
  2. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere - but I submitted my renewal last June, before my CCW expired in October, and without having taken my 3 hour renewal course. I took the course about a week ago. How do I submit the 3 hour course certificate? I went to the ISP website and it said my CCW is under review, but I didn't see a place to send my 3 hour course certificate. Thanks in advance, and once again, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
  3. We should push for free mail-in FOID cards for every adult in Illinois. Just like the voting ballots.
  4. It's probably on more than half a dozen threads but wading through it all get confusing. Unless you hang out on this page all the time which I don't. I reapplied before mine expired and I'm hoping I'm OK and not breaking any laws. Can you even take a renewal class now?????
  5. Anything they can say bad about Trump they will. It's advertising. Drink Coke, drink coke, drink coke....... Orange man bad, Orange man bad, Orange man bad.....
  6. I've got a 200 pack of 380 ammo from Walmart and no gun to shoot them in. I don't see that as a problem. Our WM just rebuilt their gun display and sporting goods counter. It looks nice. I'm going to get a single shot 20 gauge from there.
  7. Madigan CONTROLS the Democrat House Members in those gun sanctuary counties !! A better strategy would have been to vote OUT of office all Democrats !! Monica Bristow is our new state rep. I didn't vote for her even though I got a mailing saying she had an A+ rating with the NRA. I also heard she's one of Madigan's shills. That's what turned me off.
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