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  1. OK. I took a pic with my phone and attached it to the app. All went well. Thanks.
  2. I need to send my 2 hour renewal document in to the state. What format do you use? Can you take a picture of the certificate and upload that? I would scan it but I don't have a scanner. Thanks
  3. I never EVER thought I'd see CC in Illinois. Still don't believe it sometimes.
  4. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere - but I submitted my renewal last June, before my CCW expired in October, and without having taken my 3 hour renewal course. I took the course about a week ago. How do I submit the 3 hour course certificate? I went to the ISP website and it said my CCW is under review, but I didn't see a place to send my 3 hour course certificate. Thanks in advance, and once again, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
  5. We should push for free mail-in FOID cards for every adult in Illinois. Just like the voting ballots.
  6. It's probably on more than half a dozen threads but wading through it all get confusing. Unless you hang out on this page all the time which I don't. I reapplied before mine expired and I'm hoping I'm OK and not breaking any laws. Can you even take a renewal class now?????
  7. I've got a 200 pack of 380 ammo from Walmart and no gun to shoot them in. I don't see that as a problem. Our WM just rebuilt their gun display and sporting goods counter. It looks nice. I'm going to get a single shot 20 gauge from there.
  8. Madigan CONTROLS the Democrat House Members in those gun sanctuary counties !! A better strategy would have been to vote OUT of office all Democrats !! Monica Bristow is our new state rep. I didn't vote for her even though I got a mailing saying she had an A+ rating with the NRA. I also heard she's one of Madigan's shills. That's what turned me off.
  9. How do you do this? How is it possible to legally carry on public transportation?
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