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  1. Thank you Molly B. I haven't had much to say lately, but I still stop by to read IC a few times a week. Hope everyone here is doing well.
  2. Tom had a live stream on YT tonight in case anyone wanted to watch.
  3. Thanks for the update Upholder. That stinks, but it went as Mr. D. thought it might after Caulkins. I still regret not being a plantiff. Dumb move on my part. Sorry guys. Geeze we need some positive news
  4. Hey Steve, Lol, why am I not the least bit surprised by your threads opening post? The only thing I have doubts on is the fact that JB may wait for the next big shooting to get the ball rolling on this. Frankly I expect it as soon as registration is over. I'm so frustrated with everything that's been going on in Springfield. I really wanna up and move ASAP. The problem is, all the homes we've been looking at in free states have gone up so much more than our home here it's silly. Ours has gone up nicely, so I'm not complaining, (except for the ridiculous real estate taxes we pay) At first it looked like we were actually going to get some good bang for our buck in Tn. or Ky. That's simply no longer the case. Home prices where we've been looking have skyrocketed. The real estate taxes down in both states are so inexpensive compared to here, it's mind blowing. I had a lot of confidence in the fact that we would prevail based on logical Constitutional law. So far I've been dead wrong on all counts. I'm not sure where Mr. Tom Devore and his clients stand now. I did hear him mention that since the Il. Supreme Court ruled on Caulkins, his stay could be stopped at any moment, per his own words. Anyway, I hope all you folks are healthy and doing well. Have a good week ahead all. Frustrated and crusty old guy JDW
  5. Armed Scholar, also a YouTube Pro 2A lawyer says the same thing in a video he released today.
  6. +1 @mauserme I was misguided in my original thinking and I admit that. Sometimes it takes this old codger a little more time to see the light. Very happy for all the plaintiffs in DeVore 1&2. Furthermore, $200 is a tiny price to pay to put the Elites in Springfield in their place. Congrats to all who were smarter than me.
  7. That's awesome Steve. Congrats to all those who got in on DeVore 1 &2. I blew it, I admit it. I was wrong, there I said it. I'm undecided on DeVore 3, but I have a bit of time. It's odd that just seeing Steve buying a 30 round PMAG brought such a huge smile to my face. I'm happy for all who got in on 1 &2, I really mean that.
  8. I hope your thinking is correct. Everything coming from Pritzger and the Elites lately is enough to make me vomit.
  9. I had the same reaction as you. More MDA talking points from Bloomy or SBR AR?????
  10. Oops, mods, I added a second thread about this, would you mind deleting it for me. I didn't see Todd's post here. Thank you
  11. I'll be watching for witness slips alerts and action calls to reps, thanks @mauserme
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