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  1. Sorry for the delayed response IC friends. I got a call early the morning after my delay. I was approved???? Weird, since I was told weeks at a minimum. I picked up the new purchase yesterday. Wow, can't wait to get out to the club and put some rounds down range. As an aside, FFL told me gun sales have come to a screeching halt over the last month. They from slammed to de Notta, well not really de notta, but sales are down by 80% compared to just a month ago. Furthermore, I've seen stacks, big huge stacks of ammo in a lot of stores. Prices are still high. My guess is that we'll see some lower prices on ammo, possibly much lower by the EOY, unless we get another shut down or some other nonsense. Anyway, that's just a lil update on what I'm seeing in my area. To whoever said his LGS was great and he had no issues, good for you. My LGS is one with an enormous selection of firearms, but they also have the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. I drive 25 miles to utilize the services of another LGS for everything. I can't spend money at a business that treats customers like %&$#!!!!!!! Have a nice weekend folks, stay healthy and enjoy life. Thanks for everyone's responses. J
  2. Anyone here who sees a doctor with DuPage Medical Group, the largest physicians group in the state, knows by now they had major problems. 750 doctors, 2 million patient visits per year, and they were totally down for darn near one full week. No phones, no online, no MyChart, nothing. The worst part to me is that they seemed to be trying to keep whatever happened very hush hush!!! I don't know if they were hacked, ransomewared, or something more nefarious. I don't know if my medical records were stolen, no clue and no answers. It's incredible to see how much more of this type of activity seems to be taking place since January 2021. I thought our sophisticated firewall folks were the best of the best. Oh well, welcome to cyberspace!
  3. Thanks everyone, as usual, lots of good information from my IC friends.
  4. On Bingo, you're 100% correct. I've been kind of sore with a bad back, so I used that excuse to be lazy. Can't say you're wrong my friend. I just never expected this based on how smoothly every other transaction over the years has gone. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at all. Ill-annoy is awesome.
  5. Good info, thanks for sharing, and congrats.
  6. I ordered a new competition pistol from a big dealer in Iowa and had it shipped to my FFL. It's been sitting out at the FFL for 2 weeks or so. This morning I decided to take a drive out there and pick up my new firearm. Every firearm purchase I've made has been an instant approval. I'm talking about 5 to 10 seconds and bam, approved. Today, even before the FFL submitted my 4473, they said, hope you're not in any hurry to take this new pistol home or to the range. I had a very weird feeling when I heard those words. I'm thinking, oh no, the feds are gonna pull an Illinois now and make me wait forever to get my hands on my new firearm. The FFL told me everyone was being delayed by 2+ weeks, including LEO's. I have this bad feeling that I just entered the twilight zone. I've read about some real horror stories on these new delays, but never thought I'd be a victim of them. Nothing at all has changed about me, no moving violations, not even a dang parking ticket.I guess this might be the new normal. My FFL did tell me that many other FFL's they've spoken with are experiencing the very same, even mentioned one big box store. Dag nabbit,I was so excited to get it home, to mount the RDS on it after cleaning and lubing it, now I wonder if I'll see it by September. Lol. This S*CKS
  7. Thanks for posting their reply Mr.MGK I still don't agree with them. I think ISRA needs a stronger, smarter, and more willing to communicate leadership. That's just my opinion though. I have no regrets about resigning my membership in ISRA. The current leader has a bad case of bigshotitis which does no one any good. (BTW, that and the term cowboyitis were stolen directly from the late Tony Soprano) One of the greatest things about being a paying member of IC, is that the leadership folks are great and willing communicators. If only we could get them to run NRA and ISRA, we'd be better off. Maybe things wouldn't go our way, but at least we'd feel like we were in the loop. Thanks to great leaders in the community like, Molly, Mauserme, and Todd V, we at least have a slight clue. I'm grateful for that and all IC members.
  8. It will likely be sent the next time the Senate is in session, even a perfunctory session - perhaps for the veto session.People got played in a big way with this fiasco. Me thinks Mauserme is spot on in his statement. I'm so convinced that this was the new ILL-ANNOY version of 3 card monty I'd be literally shocked if that wasn't the case. BTW and for the record, my rep, Batinick® voted YES on 562 and the Red Flag expansion. Then after it passed the senate and back to the house, he voted No. I don't know what happened to him over the last period of time, but he use to be a gentleman we could count on to be on our side. Anyway, life goes on. Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe, cool, and smile!!! We could live in California!!!!!
  9. ISR, who? Lol I'm officially no longer a member after their cowardly act on 562. My rep was one of the R,s who voted yes. He's not getting another nickel or vote from me. All I can do is respectfully let them know how I feel, and of course, vote at the voting booth and with my wallet. Life goes on in ILL annoying, gang.
  10. Recap: The House voted to concur on the amendments for HB 562 and HB1092. HB 1092 has been declared to have passed both houses and will likely go to the Governor soon. HB 562 has a procedural motion holding it up, but it's not clear why. It has not been declared to have passed both houses. Also, the SB2800 Amendatory Veto from Governor Pritzker was accepted in the House after some lively debate, so the budget passed (I think). I'll just add that I don't think our fight is over just yet... ... and I was going to say more but thought better of it. Mauserme, You're like E F Hutton. When you talk, people listen.
  11. My interpretation is all transfers, private sell, family hand me downs or inheritances need to be recorded with an FFL. In the advent there is not an FFL or that FFL can no longer retain the records, they/(possibly you) turn it over to the state. Is that ISP or some other entity? Not disclosed. This bill is no good, for the gun owner or seller. I can only imagine how some of our members who support their anti-gun legislators converse. Please oppose HB-562 I don't support it, but rest assured no matter how you vote, you have my vote next election. Smooches.... Nah, my Rep who's apparently now a RINO compared to last time around will get no further financial support or votes from my family again. I called both his offices and emailed, in addition to slips. He voted Yes on SFA1&2. I had a bad feeling about him this time around when I didn't hear back from him. He use to return calls on a timely basis and always voted our way. I think he's entered the "inner circle" now and will be a typical Illinois Politico based on today's vote. Things change. I thought the guy sho ran against him was a complete bozo , looks like I got the wool pulled over my eyes. I don't like to be a downer, but today's result could be just the start of nasty anti 2A stuff to come. My dear wife nursed me through the last few years of multiple surgeries and a near death experience as a result of a terrible infection, compliments of surgery #3. She's made it clear, that she's ready to move to a state with more 2A friendly laws and lower cost of living. It's hard to even think about it, because we're both born and raised here. Ultimately though, it seems the possibility of really leaving Illinois behind is becoming our reality. That makes me sad on many levels. Anyway, enough of my random musings. Today was rough y'all. Enjoy the rest of the week folks.
  12. Thanks for the updates, Keith. I sent a letter to my rep last night and called his office today. He usually can be counted on to vote our way. In this instance, the gentleman in his local office was not sure where he stood on HB-562. He did however tell me he would message the Rep as to my strong opposition to the bill(s). Since I donate to his campaign, I hope that at least gets some consideration.
  13. I never understood why I've read so many posts complaining about ISRA. Now I do. Unless something major changes with them on this FOID stuff, I won't be renewing with them, ever. I know that sounds like an emotional outburst, , however, this stance is pure insanity imo. I'm honestly perplexed. Did Bloomy buy the ISRA??? (that was sarcasm) I just re- upped here. Thank you all for what you do.
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