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  1. My sons friend applied for first time FOID card in hand 3 weeks later
  2. Hello Kind of confused about this and getting different answers from different people I would like to start taking NRA instructor training classes- Starting with basic pistol I have been told I need to first take Instructor LED basic pistol I did take the NRA 8 hour basic pistol class in 2019 and have certificate Now I am being told this doesn't qualify as prerequisite Something about a 4 level shooting qualification If anybody can explain or help with this would be much appreciated Thanks !
  3. Yes non resident Florida good in New Mexico but not Washington Reverse for non resident Utah We have friend in New Mexico so it works out The only additional state I would like is Colorado, but seems that is not possible
  4. I don't get it I had to take a drive and check it out Verified Must have been a mistake A good mistake for her
  5. Applied for Florida non resident CCL right after the election Came in 90 days Have to send ink fingerprint card done by law enforcement, they wasted 3 cards practicing on me That was the hard part finding LE that would do, My home town does not do And just need like a NRA pistol training certificate or similar firearms training with live fire training $97.00 for 7 years All done thru the mail
  6. Why not Florida Got my non resident Florida $97.00 for 7 years No class required All done thru the mail Just as good or better then Utah
  7. Nope 3/21/21 My friend called 2 Sundays ago said his wife was applying- some instructor was doing it for her and I think she started the concealed carry class He was asking me if I had any firearms for sale, I said check back when she has FOID in hand, well that was today Guess I'll blow the dust off the shield EZ
  8. Friends wife applied for FOID March 21, 2021 came in the mail today 8 days Must have been a mistake
  9. My friends wife applied for FOID on March 21, 2021 and it came in the mail today I am glad for her, but how did this happen? My neighbor just got his FOID last week took 13 months ? I just don't get it
  10. I have purchased several firearms during pandemic heard long wait on background check Never waited more than 5 minutes So I wonder how this all works
  11. I applied January 14 also was exactly 90 days in the mail box My wife applied a week later came same day as mine 83 days We got new FOIDS in the mail about 2 weeks later Didn’t think it was going to happen when pandemic hit but it did Best of luck for everyone waiting
  12. Seems to be a gray area A lady we know was attacked and raped on that trail years ago, cook county had inmates cleaning a roadway ,one inmate ran away and hid in the woods, and pulled her off the trail My wife since does not go on the trail by herself, you can access the trail and the trail crosses many roads which can be entrance, exit points I guess a call to an experienced gun law attorney is in the future The code does state CCFP is exempt from concealed carry law
  13. Yes I see the class was very informative except for CCFP and the fact he said 2-6 weeks to get license , I asked weeks or months and he replied weeks Oh well its all over now 90 days exactly to card in hand Thanks for the comments
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