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  1. I can't understand the attitude of Mega Sports, they required a FOID card to enter, and a few years ago I went there ( it use to be my regular range) and the guy wanted to go through my range bag. When I asked 'why', he said he wanted to see if I had any lead ammo. I said "give me my money back and goodbye forever".
  2. This is correct, as long as you're 'passing through' it's legal to carry.
  3. Remember Raoul's words during his campaign " I'm just getting started", he's not our friend for sure.
  4. I've been using Proton for several years now, just recently got VPN. That's a good idea moving all gun related correspondance to it.
  5. Name one thing that Bill Brady has ever done for Republican causes in this State. The guy is a wishy washy wimp. He has done nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. As I mentioned above, they renewed my CC last Tuesday and believe it or not, it was in the mail today !!
  7. My CC expired Feb 12 this year, I applied for renewal on Jan 5th. New card went ACTIVE on April 28, so 76 days from expired to renewed. And by the way, the new card is back dated to Feb 12th and will expire in 2025. So they do not add the extra days between expire and renew. With prints.
  8. This is what happens when you put a politician in charge of an organization that they have no knowledge about. He's never been a cop but he's a buddy of Porky's.
  9. I just posted about this a week ago. It took 44 days to get my FOID renewed. Just got it in the mail yesterday. About a week after it showed it active online.
  10. I applied for my FOID renewal on Dec 18th and it was approved yesterday Feb 1st. Took 44 days, not too bad.
  11. Something isn't right here, I know the ISP isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but that's a strange mistake to make.
  12. That's good news. I'm wondering how I go about renewing my FOID. It expires in March next year but my CCL doesn't expire until Feb 2020. Are they going to issue me a 1 year FOID so that I will have to renew both in 2020 or -- ? Has anybody gone through this scenario ?
  13. Thank you for posting this, turns out, there is an FFL dealer 1/4 mile from me.
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