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  1. Is the atf ******* with people with nfa? I don’t recall seeing that and I see tons of people with nfa items online. I’m more worried about biden closing all these ffl’s in the country with his zero tolerance. Its a lot and they are getting all these 4473’s. Also all the 4473’s IL got with their dealer licensing bill and the ffl’s closing shop.
  2. What good would that info be out of the state? Also how many peoples info do they have after getting their licensing bill that they did? This was in play years before. Thats why they had a hard on for their so called “universal background checks”. Everything has been in play for years.
  3. Does the affidavit even hold on 5th amendment since they are threatening you with jail time or even a felony if you don’t?
  4. Yup. They would never try to do anything to him though. Hes got the money to fight it and I would say hes in a good county. If they tried anything. It would be a regular joe that prosecution would be a sure thing and would even plea it out. Also it would be in the chicago area.
  5. The reason that it happens is because gun owners are not united. When the left has some get in trouble and prisoned, the unite and get money for legal fees and lawyers. When someone on the right has it done, they say that he was a criminal and the right says, he deserved it. I can see why most won’y risk it.
  6. I remember something like that. Thats why they are not to be trusted. They’ve been paying the foundation for what they’te after.
  7. The more I think about this, the more I think this is all made for people to just not deal with it and sell them out of state. Because of the very fact that they’re asking you to waive your 5th.
  8. What do you think the dealer license bill was about? Add in the end of private sales.
  9. IH8IL


    Glock shooting sports foundation. There is no shooting events this year nearby. I think the closest is like indianapolis.
  10. Doesn’t matter, members here love it. Members here claim that its to “cover” themselves. So automatically they’re assuming who ever buys it is a bad guy. The state would go after you anyways if they think they could with or without a verification number.
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