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  1. People in the left will never accept that they’re wrong.
  2. We have active members here that were okay with the foid cause how else would we know the guy we’re selling to is a good guy. I always said majority of states don’t have that problem and they are doing okay and most gun owners are good people. Come to think about it, they even resided in chicago.
  3. Isn’t the background check done online thru the isp? Could kind of guess how they knew.
  4. Also you have to keep in mind, if the place you bought from included the serial number in the reciept or not. I imagine if they have a serial number, it can be done? Theres ffl’s here and maybe they could answer that.
  5. Why would you think these people are stupid? They play the long game and act stupid. You don’t think the wording was so vague on purpose? They effectively banned pretty much everything. And when I say that, yeah you can buy a 15 rd handgun with no rail for attachments but try and get a replacement recoil spring or any part. You can’t, atleast not if you “follow the rules”. If I understand all this correctly, even my bolt action is an assault weapon. How is that.
  6. I was surprised by that too. Theres still alot of red voters in will county so maybe they listened to the peoples opinion?
  7. Most people don’t follow politics. They live their lives and just don’t. I was at the lgs buying something on saturday just cause they’re going to need all the money they can get. And so many people didn’t know what was going on. On tuesday when I picked it up, People were scrambling to buy their ar cause they heard something was coming up and they were being banned. So even if theres 2.5 mil foid holders, not many are on the forums or even active in the community, they’re just regular people living their lives and are oblivious to the people that are trying to screw them over.
  8. So that means preztel is going to get his security detail 10 rd mags right. I mean they’re not at war.
  9. Whats your location? I have none and kind of want atleast one, lol.
  10. I’m surprised my senator voted no. We are in an area with red voters and blue so maybe thats why or maybe there’s democrats that are gun owners around here.
  11. You also have to account for reelection. Alot of red voters didn’t come out to vote this past election but surely they might think that this would round of a lot of red votes and vote them out. Outside of cook, votes could switch an outcome.
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