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  1. Does your wife have a full head of hair? If so and they do switch our pics,I might keep her pic[no hair on my head!]
  2. I was initially planning on picking up a Kershaw launch, until I read the reviews... seems it's not uncommon for them to open and not lock up fully. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk I wanted to update this in case anyone else was thinking of getting a Kershaw. My Kershaw Launch 6 came in the mail today. I bought from GPKnives and recommend them highly. I opened the box and opened the blade. There was no wobble side to side nor up and down, really solid knife. I started playing with it by repeatedly firing the blade. After about 30 openings it hadn't failed to lock and I thought , " well nothing wrong with this knife!" . You all have heard about those famous last words , or in this case thoughts ...... , well I fired the blade again and no lockup. As long as you hold this knife loosely between your thumb and first finger with the other fingers just touching the handle to stabilize the knife , it will lock every time you fire it. If you take a firm hold on this knife so that the handle part of the knife can't move when the blade is fired , it will fail to lock every time. There is only about a 1/16" of the plunger that contacts the blade to hold it open. This is a very well made knife and very sharp blade if it only had a better lock. I will now be looking for a different brand unfortunately . FWIW-I picked up a LAUNCH 5 from GAT today- I tried to duplicate the aforementioned malfunction-couldn't get it to do it. Worked fine every time. I lost my Kershaw AO on vacation a few weeks back-this will fill the bill.
  3. Stopped at GAT today. They had about 8 autoknives-Boker,Kershaw,Gerber. Lady said to stop back in a week,they'll have a lot more.
  4. I must be a failure. Had my permit since the 17th and no Wally walk yet. But I have done a GAT Walk and a Cabelas Walk......
  5. Applied 2/3,active 5/12,in mailbox today. Just got home so no time for the Wally Walk.
  6. Myself and a buddy of mine both went active on 5/12 and nothing yet either. Talk about frustrating!!!! Yep-I was hoping to make the Wally Walk after work today,also GAT Guns and Cabelas since they're close to me.
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