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  1. Some of that is leftover from manufacturing process. Cutting fluid, lubricants, ect. Every new gun I buy gets cleaned whether it looks like it was shot or not before I take it out for the first range trip.
  2. In all my years of advocating for Second Amendment rights some shotgunners are the hardest to reach. If shotguns are all they own, there is a high likelihood that they are a FUDD.
  3. They didn't give an outright explanation for their position, but I think their Thursday bulletin alluded to their reasoning. I've bolded the two primary things HB562 would do. I could see how both topics could be positive for gun owners, if they were implemented correctly. But we know that would not be the case because this is IL.
  4. Mauser, great succinct recap, and thank you for all the work you and the IC team due to track and break down into layman's terms, what the bills are and how they proceed through the ILGA.
  5. Illinois was the last state to create a carry law. It will be the last state to adopt Constitutional Carry, and like other have said, only under the mandate of the courts.
  6. When there was only the KelTec P-11... yes, we did need others! There is also the Springfield Hellcat and Sig P365, but yes, I think this is good. Also, I think 10+1 is better for concealability to minimize grip protrusion, but its not hard at all to conceal a spare magazine, so that 13+1 as a spare carry sure is nice. On the 1.0's I would definitely agree with you, but the 2.0 seem to be an improvement, and the Performance Center really feel pretty nice. When I initially tried S&W polymer guns years ago, the trigger definitely turned me off to them. Now I'm considering a Shield PC.
  7. Try Gunguyonline.com He's a home based FFL in Naperville. Been working with him for a number of years. Real nice guy and I am sure he will work with you to make this happen. You can reach him at sales@gunguyonline.com
  8. Had the address changed on my FOID because I moved. Applied 1/10/20, received 5/18/20, 4 months, 8 days, or 129 days. The crappy part is I have to renew at the end of 2021, so I get to do this all again soon.
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