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  1. All great advice! I'll do the class(es) first, rent out, and go from there.
  2. Thanks everyone who has replied so far! Lots of good information. I got my FOID back in Sept, but it took the wife till Mar to get hers. Glad that's finally done! I quickly figured we better start out with the class first and then do the CCL. I have a client who said she'll give me the number of the person who issued her and her husband. I know a few ranges have safety/beginner classes. Point Blank is $65 + ammo cost for a 3 hour class/1 hour range time. Another range (I can't remember the name) was $75 including ammo for a 1 hour training/1 hour range time. Ammo wise, from the vendor list, I've seen the lowest prices (About 15 cents a round) sold out. Seems like the in-stock rate is about 90 cents or $40 for a box 50.
  3. My wife finally got her foid too last week, so were looking at purchasing a handgun. Im stuck between either a 9mm or a 380. I like the Smith and Wesson so far. Me and the wife want to get our CCL next so Im not sure if a 9mm would be too large? Also looking at where to shop. Were in the southwest suburbs close to Tinley park. So far Point Blank Range seems to be positive on the reviews. Ammo wise, Im not sure though.
  4. Quick update: My FOID had been posted dated September 23 and arrived at the house sometime after that, but one of the kids must've thrown the mail on wife's office desk and got buried under all the sewing stuff she has. I had kind of forgotten about it too, till today when the wife was cleaning out the office and found the mailing! LOL She still has to call about her's since she applied about a week before me and her application is still pending.
  5. It all depends. Once they go "active" it's dependent on when they print and mail a large group together. They don't just print a single one and mail it, they print a large group, and then mail them. Throw in the mail-in ballots that have been a focus of the USPS, and it makes sense it has taken that long. A tip: You can go create a free account on USPS.com and then you can monitor your mail. They actually show pictures of it, and tell you what is coming, and what has been delivered. It's called Informed Delivery, and is under the "Quick Tools" menu. Gives you something to eagerly check every day or two to see. Haha. I just signed up for the Informed Delivery. Thanks! I'll see if anything comes today or Monday. If nothing then I can make a phone call early next week.
  6. My wife was joking that maybe it got thrown out along with all those ballots. LOL! I’m sure it’ll show up soon. I have to look at the USPS mail monitoring! Thanks!
  7. Ok, thanks! I figured it was at least 30 days due to everything going on.
  8. Good afternoon everyone, I applied for my FOID in June and it went active on Sept 22, 2020. But the actual license hasn't shown up in the mail yet. I know with COVID there could be delays, but I'm not sure at this point if I should be worried about it possibly being lost? Also, my wife had applied a week before I did and her request is still pending. Thanks in advance!
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