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  1. "Also in the car was a 9 mm Glock semi-automatic pistol fitted with an after-market attachment that makes it fire as a machine gun." I was unsure as to whether the News Gazette would have had it right, characterizing the charge as such, but sure enough... Unfortunately, Mr. Brown is far from a stellar candidate to fight a 2A case over. https://www.champaigncircuitclerk.org/ https://www.news-gazette.com/news/couple-charged-with-possession-of-a-machine-gun/article_beb3f5cb-0f13-5f13-b553-c5e6511ca266.html
  2. How much worse would Chicago's homicide rate be without the FOID?
  3. It's in the Sean Connery post. I was reminded about the full editor feature and I uploaded it that way.
  4. Thanks, that was the one I was trying to post from, but it rejected it. It usually gives you multiple options for the form the link takes, but in this case it was only one. It might have worked better if I had been able to use the Direct Link.
  5. What sites are ones that will work for embedding images in posts? My go-to has been Imgur for years, but I wasn't allowed to post from there because of the extension they used in their link.
  6. I joined a bi-partisan, pro-2A (to varying degrees) gun discussion group. I brought this up, it's astonishing how much bias can interfere with the writing on the wall, I had one person tell me, "he's not really going to do that". Along with the apathy that I run into in the ammo section at places like Rural King when I try to talk with someone about some bad legislation that's on the horizon, it's amazing to me that we've held things together at all.
  7. From the CDC document they use to justify that number: Suicides by firearms: 23,854 Homicides by firearms: 14,542 Accidental discharge: 486 By preceding 1 truthful statement about deaths that can be associated with firearms in any way with the phrase "gun violence" they give the impression 40,00 people a year are dying by gun violence. They don't lie by omission, they lie by implication. It's still a lie. I was acquainted with a few people who've committed suicide in the past several years, none of them used a gun. One was hanging, one jumped off a 24 story building another stopped on the highway and ran out in front of a semi. Guess we're going to have to ban a lot of man made objects to eliminate those suicide numbers. Let's bring back the prohibition, nothing like getting drunk in your bathtub like Dolores O'Rioradan (Cranberries singer, and no I don't think it was intentional).
  8. I've heard those rumors come around in recent years so I wondered about that. Thomas is only 72 (Breyer is 82!). This article put those wondering's to rest for me. I think SCOTUS justices tend to be like the professors I work with, they're obsessed with what they do (which is how they got to where they are), it gives them meaning and they never want to quit; typically. https://abovethelaw.com/2020/07/clarence-thomas-and-samuel-alito-mulling-retirement-according-conservative-wishcasters/
  9. I like that Biden has said that he'll form a bipartisan commission. That takes the pressure off of him and he knows that such a move to change the makeup of SCOTUS shouldn't be taken lightly. There's really no legitimate reason to expand the court other than for one party to expand their influence, which would lead the other party to do the same... Court appointments are why I voted for Trump. He's made me grit my teeth and shake my head a lot over the last four years, but I'm grateful for his court appointments, we're going to need them.
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