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  1. I remember several years ago it came out that when the federal government issued them to employees, they were called "Personal Defense Rifle" or something along those lines. To refer to them as the same thing that they're officially titled is poetic to me. 😆
  2. Yeah, and I tried to look for records on the Cook County Circuit Clerk's site, but it's down.
  3. Can't find the story anywhere else (thank you, Daily Mail). I wanted to find out more details about his status for carry, I don't like making assumptions. He was arrested previously for the same offense in September and has been released with electronic monitoring. Yeah, Chicago is serious about solving its homicide/illegal gun problem. 🙄
  4. We now have an example within Illinois state lines (Chicago, of course). "Gun-sniffing dog nabs Neiman Marcus thief who was armed with loaded 9-millimeter pistol and carrying $1,000 of stolen items" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10692099/Neiman-Marcus-Chicago-Magnificent-Mile-uses-gun-sniffing-dog-make-arrest.html
  5. Thanks will do! Patient? This is my liberty and my guns we're talking about!!!
  6. Your Renewal button was up 90 days prior? I'm 90 days out today and I don't have a Renewal button available.
  7. Good to know! I have my Arizona as well, but it would be nice to not need it someday.
  8. I've wondered if we could have a demo, non-valid type made up for Ol' Coach with his picture and name on it for his wife. Todd?
  9. I also made a Paste Bin page that will be up virtually forever. http://pastebin.com/dh9Uh6tj
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