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  1. Supposed to be back tomorrow afternoon. Maybe bringing it back then?
  2. Thanks! I missed that part when I first read it. (Smaller font and stuff.)
  3. Will these counties need to change their resolutions to include SB2226?
  4. +2 We appreciate your thanks and... oh wait, I don't do anything here. Never Mind.
  5. No. Only happens when I go from one page to the next. When I open a topic I have been to before, it then takes me to the first unread post, which is a good thing. :-)>
  6. What????? Whenever I get to the end of a page and hit the, "Next Page", button, it takes me to the END of the next page instead of the TOP. This has been going on for a while, just getting around to posting abut it. Help please.
  7. Hope everyone had a wonderful Yule on the 21st! And hope everyone is having a great holiday season!
  8. Thanks Todd! As usual, great job. And Thank you for everything you do and have done for us in the past.
  9. And in your spare time, can you pay my bills for me? Oh, and do my taxes too. ☺️
  10. Are we surprised? Yes, Upholder did a great job while you were away. We still missed you though! 🙂
  11. "Recess" always make me think they all go outside to play, "Dodgeball". (Same as they do during the hearings...)
  12. Anyone mention the Witness Slips? (Just thought I'd interject some humor.)
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