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  1. Thank you all! I've gotten now that there's no limit, but probably wise to wait 5-7+ days to avoid throwing up any red flags. And that FFLs interpret the 72 hour wait differently and that's ok and their prerogative. (I'm really just a single woman finally deciding to start down my list of firearms after recently taking my CCW renewal class, and also just given the state of the world - get things while I still can.)
  2. It won't let me edit - wanted to clarify that I do know the 72 hours exists, just that some interpret differently, so I wonder on the 30 day thing (if it IS a thing) if that would be up for debate as well.
  3. Been a while since I've purchase a firearm and there have been so many changes over the last handful of years/so much conflicting info out there. It looks like the 30 days between handgun purchases is only in Cook County, is that correct? Purchasing more than one in a month can get you on a "list" though, right? If so - are we talking more than 2? Anyone know a quantity? (I just want two, and to get them bought and done with.) And *if* it is 30 days, when does that clock start? It seems not everyone follows the same thing in regard to the actual 72 hour waiting period, so I wonder about that as well (if it exists). Purchased online from RKGuns since I didn't hear back from my preferred FFL. Even though it was purchased last week and should arrive at their store this week, they count the 72 hours from the time you come in and fill out the 4473, which isn't done until they receive and get it checked in which does make sense in case there is an issue. (My preferred FFL says the 72 hour clock starts when my online order has been placed and I have order confirmation. I've red the written rules myself and it seems like it can be intepreted either way.) Anyway, will you good folks fill me in on what the current rules and caveats are? Thanks!
  4. So I received my CCL on 5/12 (if I remember correctly), but still haven't received a new FOID. I'd been reading how everyone was getting a new FOID. I took a look, and my CCL is the same number as the FOID I've had in-hand for years. Is that normal? Should I be concerned?
  5. Applied w/prints: 3/6 QC Verified: 3/31 (had emailed) Did not see "Approved" Active: 5/9 In hand: 5/12 New FOID yet to come. And as luck would have it, I do need to take a trip to Walmart tonight, lol!
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