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  1. I need help with the medical appeal process. This was the first time i applied for the card i live near Oswego area and my FOID was deined due to Medical reasoning....I was admitted to a facility because i was dumb and stupid 7 years ago and didn't know what i was doing there hasn't been anything else on my records no arrest no charges....what should i be doing to get my rights restored, any of f you know a physician, clinical psycologist, or a qualified examiner Below is the letter i recieved "Your application for a firearm owner's identification (FOID) card has been denied. You are prohibited from firearms for reasons listed below and pursuant to: 430 ILCS 65/8 (U) - A person who has had his or her FOID card revoked or denied under subsection (e) of 430 ILCS 65/8 or item (iv) of section 4 of the FOID act because he or she was a patient in a mental health facility, shall not be premitted to obtain FOID, after the 5 year period has lapsed, unless he or she has recieved a mental health evaluation by physician, clinical psycologist, or a qualified examiner and has recieved a certification that he or she is not a clear and present danger to himself, herself and others MENTAL HEALTH ADMISSIONS OVER 5 YEARS 5/19/2010 DUPAGE COUNTY, IL for additional infomation please call ........."
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