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  1. They seem to be ignoring Bruen (sp?) That's what I meant by not careing.
  2. Why are they complicating this? "Common Use", is all they need! Are these things in common use? WE WIN! It's up to the government to prove that they are NOT in common use.
  3. Not really, "Constitutional Carry", just, "Permitless Carry". Watch this.
  4. It's the site. Problem being talked about here https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/81251-2192023-call-to-action-witness-slips-needed/ bottom of page one, two, and three.
  5. The "Take me to content I haven't read," option is selected. To read unread posts, I just open the topic on the main page... or I used to anyway. :-)>
  6. This just started today. Site no longer takes me to unread comments when I click on topics I have been reading forever. Nothing has changed on my end.
  7. If they can find somewhere that will sell them to/in Ilinois.
  8. Might want to be careful what we wish for. I'm sure our side has done the same thing in the past. Don't have any idea when or what.
  9. Oh, you mean the one on which I commented. 🙄 Thanks for rreminding me of what I was doing. Only got three hours of sleep last night, so my, "Senior Moments", are a bit amplified today. Would this cover the, "Melting Point", thing?
  10. Thanks for the info! I can even buy chickens there! 😁
  11. Where is that located? (Don't know why I'm asking. We don't trust the car to go more than a block or two. Can't afford one yet anyway.) Not sure if the melting thing is just a Cook thing, or State-wide.
  12. Especially that stupid, "Banned because it might melt ...", thingy. Anyone know if the Hi-Point Carbine is banned because of the, "Melting Point", or because it looks, "Evil"?
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