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  1. But we don't have a Democracy, we have a Constiutional Republic.
  2. They seem to be ignoring Bruen (sp?) That's what I meant by not careing.
  3. Why are they complicating this? "Common Use", is all they need! Are these things in common use? WE WIN! It's up to the government to prove that they are NOT in common use.
  4. If they can find somewhere that will sell them to/in Ilinois.
  5. Might want to be careful what we wish for. I'm sure our side has done the same thing in the past. Don't have any idea when or what.
  6. Sounds like a way to make more money in the future for Mr DeVore. Could be wrong, but what do, "The Guardians of Liberty", do? I used to be a member of the, "Uncle Mistletoe Kindness Club", when I was a kid. Didn't do anything, but could still say I was a member.
  7. Was able to log on fine. On top of the page, though, it says, "Some content is currently unavailable as the new General Assembly information is set up."
  8. Thank you for posting this! I knew That Hawaii had stupid gun laws, but had no idea they were THAT stupid! Maybe Hawaii should be moved to California ... So this sounds like it is good news!
  9. Then traveling back with ammo would mean you are committing a crime but an out of state resident going to your home with some ammo is perfectly ok. Talk about the lack of equal protection. ^ this *** Why would you be committing a crime if you bought some ammo in Indiana and brought it home to IL?
  10. Isn't there a lawsuit about this? If not what are they waiting for? All of those shops forced to close because of excessive fees and regulations HAS to be something to sue about.
  11. To me, it sort of looks like pingpong 45 and OneLink Healthcare could be one in the same. I think it is a big coincidence that they both joined the forum within a few days of each other, and OneLink just happens to have the remedy for the OPs problem. WOW! It's a miracle. (Just my opinion based on cursory observations.)
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